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Rules for posting EOI's and MEETs

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  • Rules for posting EOI's and MEETs

    1. ANY organized meet by a member is NOT an official MCM meet unless organized/mentioned otherwise by MOOG or Marty. Just because they showed up afterwards does not make it official either.
    2. Moderators/Admins reserve the right to remove meet threads, details etc if we feel the meet is not legitimate to help protect members from themselves as well as the greater public.
    3. Do not post threads asking when the next MCM meet/official meet is. If you see none in the -somewhat- near future and would like to see one in your area, sufficient planning, research and effort will be required in posting an EOI, FIRST.
    4. Threads containing specifically the photos/media from that event do not merit their own thread in this forum. Adding the pictures to the threads on going discussion, is however, appropriate. If you wish for many people to post their pics and specifically talk about the photos please create a thread in PHOTOGRAPHY forum instead, with the event as the thread title.
    5. When organizing or attending a meet mentioned on the MCM forums, there is an expectation to conduct appropriately and civilly in public. Nothing will frustrate members of the car community (including this forum) if anything stupid were to happen that may deteriorate the image of car enthusiasts as a whole - it is delicate as it is. Effectively it hurts MCM the most so please think before doing. Banning/appropriate action may taken to justify said users inappropriate actions off-forum as a result of their behavior at an MCM fan meet.
    6. No such illegal activities will be tolerated at MCM meets. Rule of thumb to use: If the Police, the old guy down the street or your mum would disapprove, then it's probably a no go.
    7. As a result of Claus 6: Might Car Mods, Mighty Car Mod's sponsors and affiliates MAY NOT be held liable for any illegal activities which may occur at any MCM meets.

    Any other concerns or questions regarding this new sub forum can be dealt with by contacting a moderator first.
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