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Western Europe MCM fans meet.

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    I'm preparing something special, not a car made out of gold but.... It will take almost that to make it perfect


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      Sounds intriguing Ric, tell us more!!!


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        Originally posted by Marty View Post
        We're keen to do a euro meet, maybe next year? we'll shout out on FB and YT if and when it happens!
        Hi Marty,

        That'd be brilliant if you guys can come over to Europe maybe next year!

        If you do, try and combine it with a trip to Power Big Meet in Sweden, usually around the first weekend of July. There'll be thousands and thousands of classic cars, mostly American cars but lots of other ones as well. It's easily the biggest classic car event in Europe!


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          Originally posted by Kaktus View Post
          Sounds intriguing Ric, tell us more!!!
          Hmm... just a little video about our car culture... nothing special
          You'll see eventually, dont't worry.


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            So just heard in the last video (RB26 240Z Making it legal 7:16), that they might be back to Germany. My idea was to make an epic video of some sort to caught their attention so they might come to Portugal but... I get that this might be far away from everyone to come in on purpose just for a car meet.

            The making of this video would cost me some money, but unfortunately, I had a major breakdown on my car so, I will just give up on this idea and start saving just after I get my car fixed and paid so I can get to the ring... Thinking of it, I would love to get to the ring one day, maybe this will be my ultimate chance!

            Not so bad after all xD
            Well, what's your opinion? Also sorry for the bad news but... that's what I get for having a rare car in my place.
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              If you go to the ring, drop by Montpellier on the way, I might do the rest of the road with you !
              If my car is working at the time, that's really not guaranteed ^^

              Waiting here for a meet in some neighbour country (don't think France would be the best one unfortunatly)
              My car : MG TF (2003)


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                We had a few euro meets so far, one in the netherlands and at the nürburgring too, I hosted that one.
                Since the forum hit the gutter in terms of activity, that sorta stopped. Marty, if you still want me to set that up just PM me.


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                  Actually we had 2 trips to the Ring, the last one was 2015.

                  Hey Zecke, how are the swirls on this thing?


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                    Had it professionally detailed a few months back, still runs A+.
                    My Skoda diesel is gone though, replaced it with a petrol Opel Adam S, it is a maaaad little car, and got a motorcycle as well.