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Any news on the Darwin Northern Territory MCM Meet?

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    Originally posted by Kullman View Post
    Let's hope than at the end of this year we have a vaccine in latest stages of testing.
    Likely; but then there's manufacture, distribution, side effects.
    I'm positive, but you never know.
    I mean, (almost) literally everybody got given the SwineFlu vaccine, before they realised it caused nerve damage in some people.
    The majority recover, but it was so unexpected.
    Meets are amazing; but you want to walk away from them with only good memories and experiences.
    Last thing you need is to go home after a good day, and then suffer (or worse, cause someone to suffer) for your actions.

    That said; when it IS under control; I intend to do an Aussie wide trip; I've never done one before, and just drive between each meet location; because.... why not?


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      Im aware of COVID issues, we aren't wanting to do the meet anytime soon just wanting to establish some sort of dialog with the boys and start talks of possible dates. Darwin is the perfect spot for a meet in regards to COVID because we have had 0 community transmissions throughout the entirety of the virus haha. We don't get much happening up here in Darwin we only get the V8's (boring) and Gazzanats once a year (which was cancelled this year). We do have the odd track day organised by other clubs but it is a rare occurrence. We have some nice big carlots here that once we have been discussing with the lads we can approach the businesses and ask for their blessing to use the lots, aswell as a huge amount of parking in Hidden Valley raceway.

      I myself have been watching MCM ever since they started and would love to meet Marty and Moog and introduce them to the great car community up here in Darwin, would also love to see a lot of their cars haha plus we have the most relaxed car laws in the country (I myself have a manual converted aristo with a t04z single turbo and they don't require engineering)

      Anyway just hoping to get in touch with the boys