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Brendans Stagea RS4

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    Looks great mate I love the Stagea's! Only car enthusiasts know what these are capable of. A wolf in sheeps clothing

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  • wgnZilla
    Thanks mate
    Yeah they are freaking amazing! I am so happy with it hey and the AWD system just throws the power to the ground.

    Forgot to mention did the Cheap gearbox coreplug mod as well (yeah, its an auto ) $5 worth of coreplugs, $80 worth of oil and about 4 hours, BEST INVESTMENT so far! The changes are just amazing now

    Im in the process of planning the boot install as its going to be kind of big, but I want to keep as much space as possible too, Will throw up some designs when im done

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  • kingtube69
    ****ING BEAUTIFUL! Nice car man, I was considering getting one because i drove my friends dads the other day. Its so comfortable and fast!!!

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  • wgnZilla
    started a topic Brendans Stagea RS4

    Brendans Stagea RS4

    Hey all

    Thought I would start a thread about my recent new toy, but first a little about why I went to this car.

    My first car was a 1991 Nissan Pulsar Q which I did a u12 sr20det conversion to, although an awesomely fast car, it has traction that I would rate closely to that of a shopping trolley.
    Plans were made to do an AWD conversion to it to help keep the power on the ground and after buying almost all the parts needed to begin the work the person who I had planned to do the welding/fab work damaged his back and has since withdrawn from the project so it was scrapped, Kept the car though and will build it back up one day, It was my first car and I can't help but love it.

    I decided to think ahead and getting to be the age where families start to become an option I thought about what car I should get next to work on, Again like the pulsar I wanted something unique and with power to confuse even the most clued on bogan, so I decided on a stagea.

    This is her the day that I picked her up.

    2000 Nissan Stagea RS4 Dayz Edition.


    After a much needed clean

    Random pic on a cruise

    Had it for about a week and decided that the wheels had to be changed so spent a night painting them up, Lowered the car a bit too and as it sits now

    I've had this car for about 2-3 months now, A lot more work planned for this, Just waiting for a bunch of Audio equipment to arrive then out with the temp stereo and the new install will begin

    Then maybe 34gtr front and some engine work, Just maybe.
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