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Daihatsu Cuore Build

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  • looking good mate

    Check out my ute build here, from bogan BNS ute to mad 4x4

    Originally posted by bassdee
    shaking worse than michael j fox on a paint mixer.
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    Yeah guuize, im in bed with my missus too.. Palmela Handerson and I are having a great time.


    • Originally posted by HONKYTONK View Post
      looking good mate
      Thanks mate. It needs to go faster now, but i'm on my p's and modding the stock engine would be useless since i'm pulling it out for another project when I get off my p's.
      I'm making it look good and doing handling mods and making it nicer and then I will get off my p's and add more power.


      • That looks really good, I might have to give this a go over the weekend...


        • Originally posted by Jenga View Post
          That looks really good, I might have to give this a go over the weekend...
          Don't copy me. If you're going to do it, inbox me and I will help ya though it.


          • Hi all. It's been a while since i have posted here but I will post a bigger update at a later date. It's sad in a way that this thread has suffered a bit of data loss and is missing some stuff but i'm sure the guys at mcm will get some more back soon. It's good in a way because this car has been though so much in the last two years any way and time for a fresh start.

            For those that don't know where this car is today i'm glad (at times) to say that it's still with me! It's been nearly 5 years of owning this little car and it still makes me smile. A small update, I moved to Townsville yay! And since then this car has taken a good thrashing. I have delivered pizzas in it to get some cash, crashed it twice, used it as a daily and done a lot of big trips in it.

            I have had so many projects on the go and in result i have put the cuore project aside for a while. I have though been fixing all the things wrong with it in the last few weeks and restoring it to the greatness it once was. I will post a bigger update when I get every thing together. For now though I would like to thank the 20k of you who viewed this thread and for all the comments and feedback. Thanks guys!
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            • Originally posted by ricky_191 View Post
              Hi all. It's been a while since i have posted here but I will post a bigger update at a later date.
              Just looked through this thread! Bought my Cuore about 3 weeks ago and have had a ball doing stuff to it. Some stuff quite similar to what you've done, coincidentally..

              Looks good! Looking forward ot seeing the 3 years of update!


              • Update.

                Hi all. I haven't posted to this forum for quite some time now. Happy to report I still have my cuore with no plans to get rid of it yet. Its gone through quite a bit the last few years so here is a quick update and mod list .

                The original engine was close to 200,000kms and started having clutch slip. The plan has always been more power. I finally found a sirion gtvi in rather good condition with some crash history. The first accident was minor and repaired and second one it ended up at the auction still with no reported crash history.

                I did the swap in my yard with some basic hand tools and some careful planning. I will say this once though. It is not easy to do it at all. Then come the little things to make the car work but also make it safe. The car is transformed for sure but I don't think I would do it again simply because it's ok at everything but not one thing in particular. Unlike before,it was a good daily driver and did the job well. Now it's a bit too uncomfortable and it's just a car that makes me smile and I guess that's the use after all

                2001 Daihatsu cuore.


                1.3l k3ve2
                k3 gear box
                machined flywheel
                Hd sports tough clutch
                polly engine mounts
                intake/pod filter
                2inch exhaust
                L700 control arms
                L700 drive shafts
                Gtvi brakes
                Full loom swap
                ac/power steering
                RSR Super low springs
                Kyb shocks
                Short rear shocks
                custom front sway bar $$$$
                ultra racing rear sway bar
                Dsport front strut brace
                fender bracing


                Upgrade front bar,mod/custom grill,lip
                Projector retrofit/black housing
                Jdm clear indicators
                Jdm tail lights
                Gtvi steering wheel
                Gtvi cluster
                Gtvi seats
                14 inch Rims
                Kumo semi slicks
                Two seat conversion/false floor
                Gear knob/boot
                jdm door handles
                Air bags
                Sirion AC controls
                Led map lights

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                • It's always been one of my favs man. God been following it for years now! Good stuff.
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