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My Nissan 200sx (s13)

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  • My Nissan 200sx (s13)

    Hello there,

    I've been thinking a lot if I should make a thread about my ride here. Basically this is the only place I will ever make one so here we go...

    Last year I bought a '92 Nissan 200sx with a CA18DET. I was saving money for an S13 and was basically just waiting for an ad in the local websites with what will be my car.

    On a beautiful Wednesday evening I got a call from a friend to check out a car in an ad. I saw the ad and on the next day the car was mine. I drove 600km to go and see it, and have absolutely no regrets about what I bought. The engine was knocking, it had dog hair and McDonald's fries on the interior carpet and seats, but it did not matter. I got an s13 that was stock and well preserved in overall. No rust and very little damage on the exterior

    This is how my car looked like approx. 7 years ago.

    I was actually very surprised to find any history about the car, let alone pictures of it taken by Marty himself while he was on a trip in Europe! I was watching the show from it's start more or less, and that basically made me an ever bigger fan of it.

    Anyways... back to the topic. There are photos of how I got the car.
    No clear coat was left on most of it due to the fact that it was sitting under the sun for 5 years. The passenger’s door was smashed and the fender as well. Sorting that out was easy. The engine was the big worry. It’s a miracle if you find one that has not gone through a rebuild these days… After an inspection the piston rings were worn out and the conrod bearings were the cause of the knocking sound. Due to lack of lubrication they were close to seizing on the conrod and about to cause even more damage. Eventually I made a decision that would leave only the crankshaft and the oil pump as part of the bottom end rebuild. I got the engine block stroked to 84mm forged pistons (Wossner), forged conrods (Apex) OEM water pump, Cometic gasket and I got a set of OEM conrod bearings and crankshaft (main) bearings along with the seals. Cylinder head was disassembled and was cleared from the grime that built up from the oil over the years. There are photos of that too. Anyways the car is back together and I’m breaking in the engine. The car is running on ~stock boost (10psi) has a good air/fuel ratio and is very tail happy sometimes
    I will address the suspension next and will probably buy a D2 coilover kit with poly bushes, maybe an intercooler, radiator and fans to keep the bay nice and cool, but I will need some time as It’s getting difficult to put anything aside at the moment. I got a set of 4 Exip rims (far from this condition) which I will be restoring as they have quite some damage on them at them moment.

    That's basically it at the moment. I'm just enjoying the car during the weekends and getting used to it.

    Hope you did not die from boredom.

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    nice ride, i really like these nissan's
    sigpicBMW E30


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      Wait how do you know that was the exact same car that Marty took pictures of in Europe? And why was Marty taking pics of a Nissan in the first place?
      29 years old, and still a daily.


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        Because of the registration plates and the documents I have, and because of that nasty 200SX badge from an S14 that was stuck in the back. That was the first thing I saw and realized that it was my car.
        Marty is a KGB sleeper agent and the phrase "dinosaur urine" was the key phrase for his activation. As a result he now owns a Nissan.

        A bit on topic - I am uploading some more photos.
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          Did some touch-ups today. Headlight was loose and making noises when going over bumps so I addressed that. Pics below.
          I also unclogged the water jet spray for the left wiper. Overall good jobs.

          Also, a pic from my phone. A sunset was supposed to be reflecting on the car, but meh...
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            Damn that huuuuuuuge hole in the bumper for Europe's long as number plates looks strange.

            Mad car! S13's are the bomb!
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              Thank you very much!
              I will post some stuff when I have time to go around the car. The stock rims need attention, so that will be my next move.
              I also need to install the oil pressure gauge and mount it.
              Also a bushing on the gearbox.
              I think I'll stop now.
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                Mmm, tasty red 180/200sx/rps13 whatever you want to call it.
                Looks nice and these cars always have so much potential. I hope it treats you well.
                Originally posted by ADowbs
                He lives in Australia, it's a felony for thinking about doing a motor swap, let alone actually doing one.
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                  It's a 180sx, seeing as how it came with a CA18, nice car tho!


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                    European models have been "blessed" with a CA18DET from '89 untill '94 when they stopped producing. The S14 came with a SR20DET Could have went for a swap, but I sort of like this engine. The angle cam sensor reminds me of an RB. And it's called a 200SX here. Its a topic that goes beyond space and time. Hence - S13

                    Maybe one day it will run like this:

                    Thank you, villain, [email protected]


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                      Yeah the CA is just a 4 cyl RB

                      Well that's what I think.
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                      $0 SR20? [Featuring $400 Silvia] See it come together here~ Click!


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                        My daily driver gave up on me again this morning... It's an Opel Astra F '92 model.

                        Oh well. I will bring it back to the living in the evening. Probably for the 7-th time since I have it.


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                          If you don't know the name comparison list:
                          CA18 - 180sx
                          SR20 - 200sx
                          KA24 - 240sx

                          At least, thats the way nissan intended it to be. :3


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                            I have never seen a SR20 in an Euro S13, unless it was a swap Maybe the UK versions were...
                            Early 180's were made with a CA engine because of the S12 and later on they did a facelift and introduced the SR20DET.

                            Like I said earlier - it's very difficult to backtrack why a model has a name that does not correspond to the engine.


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                              Spent some time today to address the gauges fitment in the center console. I made a bullcrap something out of nothing and then I procceded to do even more nothing by doing a plastic plate to cover it up. Photos attached to laugh at me.

                              Any suggestions on how to fix my cover for the trunk? The sun bent it to a point when it won't stay on the mounting points and basically falls in the trunk...
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