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My Japanese Beast

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  • My Japanese Beast

    My moped, just a old hobby. I'm having it for 10 years now!

    It had a lot of different set ups but now it's running with these parts:
    A '77 frame
    Thicker front fork
    after market swing arm
    LED tail light, costum made by a forum member
    Lot's of chroom and bling metal
    E50 single gear engine
    43,5mm Polini reed valve cylinder
    38mm high compression head
    15mm Bing carburetor with jet 92
    Foam preformance airfilter
    stock ignition
    Proma Warrior exhaust
    A stock clutch with lighten segments (a three shoe version) and blue springs
    Malossi Viton powerbox (not on the picture)
    15-45 sprockets
    I didn't test the top speed yet but I think must run at least 75kph. In Holland mopeds with yellow plates are allowed tot drive a maximum 45kph.

    I use to drive around in my Hyundai Pony from '94, stock as it can be. My grandfather bought a new car at the age of 80 and gave my his old car. It was in a perfect condition.

    It had a 4 cylinder in line 1.5 injection engine and it had 83bhp. Enough to keep up in the traffic but not that fast. In Germany on the Autobahn I hit the 160kph max.

    I wanted a faster car...
    ...So here it is!
    Subaru Forester 2.5 XT AWD
    93.000 km
    1420 kg
    2,5 liter (2457cc) four cylinder turbo boxer 155kw on the car specifications.
    The garage owner told me that a company put in another chip in the standard computer that gives it 230bhp and in six seconds on 100kph
    Five gear manual
    Scoobysport Japstyle open backbox produced by Hayward & Scott
    Open mid pipe
    GFB TMS T9000 BOV
    Cosworth cold air filter
    EBC Ultimax discs front and rear and blocks-> had to replace the front with standard disks and Hawk HP+ blocks
    18 inch Anzio Drift wheels with Vredesteijn run flat tires 235/40 ZR 18 95y
    For winter time 4x 16 inch steals with Minerva winter tires 215/60 R16 95T
    Power steering
    Heated mirror's and wipers i.c.w. aftersale Bosch Aerotwins flatblades
    Electrically adjustable mirrors
    Sprinkler system for headlights
    Electrically adjustable headlights
    Front fog lights
    third brake light
    rear window wiper
    Electric windows front and rear
    6 cd changer with radio with out aux-in
    outside temperature gauge
    RPM meter
    Air conditioning with climate control
    Parrot CK3100
    Cruise Control
    Symmetrical AWD
    Electric moon Roof
    Central locking on remote
    Parking sensors
    Detachable caravan hook
    Complete leather upholstery, the headrests, armrests, steering wheel and shift knob
    Momo racing steering wheel with buttons to control the radio
    Arm rest for driver and front passenger
    Heated seats front
    Height adjustable drivers seat
    Height adjustable steering wheel
    Reading lights front
    3 times three-point seatbelt and head restraints in the back
    Isofix child seats anchorages
    SRS airbags and side.
    Subaru original aero body kit


    GFB BOV, Brett thanks for the extra information. The seller loved it so he put in his website http://www.fineline-imports.nl/gfb-g...88-114149.html

    Battery holder. They used a laser to get the XT letters, I love it. Btw that is the best battery ever. Last winter I had some starting problems for a couple of weeks. After 20 starts or more it would finally run. The battery is in a perfect conditon. First of all the garage fill in some other oil to make sure everything is running smooth but that didn't do the trick. I found out that if I relase the clutch it starts. So the garage puts in a new nullastschakelaar ( I don't know the right translation and Google is letting me down with load switch)

    Popped out the grill! The garage owner broke some hooks Lucky I had it out without harming it.

    To place it back was a little harder.

    Short film:
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    Japanese Beast

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    Some other pictures of my old Hyundai

    After buying the Subaru I gave a way my Hyundai to my younger brother that crashed it in two weeks

    First of all I was very mad. It was my first car, always taking care of it, took me to other place in Europe I've never seen before. The car just got his new oil, filters, brake disc and blocks.
    At least my brother and his girl didn't get hurt.

    Now he drives around in a very slow Hyundai Getz. lucky for him that he drives a cool BMW R 1100R Boxer motorcycle with a open exhaust, Laser oval muffler, K&N air filter, chipped with a lot of carbon
    Japanese Beast


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      Heey een Nederlander!
      Nice ride!
      What's wrong with a Hyundai Getz?


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        They are slow but they'll drive okay
        Japanese Beast


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          Looks pretty neat Ciedric!


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            Thanks Johan!
            Japanese Beast


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              What kind of getz did he have?
              The 1.6 Getz is not very slow...


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                He has a 1.3i GLS
                Japanese Beast


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                  Thats a nice car mam. is it fast already.
                  The crashed Hyundai is sad.


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                    Already replied to your other thread, but that's a pretty beast car you got. I really like it, especially these newer pictures Gotta love that BOV sound eh?



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                      Yes the Subaru is fast and it is in love with benzin and oil :P
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                      Japanese Beast


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                        "I wanted another car that was a bit faster." Righteo!
                        Nice XT btw
                        theliub's winning 04 mazda 3 hatch!


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                          I know this car has a 1000cc more :P
                          Japanese Beast


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                            I'm thinking of lowering it a bit. They told me that the shocks of STi Impreza's from my 01-03 will fit! Somebody with experience?
                            Japanese Beast


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                              I'm also looking for good and not to expensive gauges. There is no room for a center pod. Maybe a oil temp, pressure and at least a turbo pressure in bar not in psi.
                              Japanese Beast