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The Adventures of Red Top. The SR20DET

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  • The Adventures of Red Top. The SR20DET

    [I plan for this thread to end up in the "Build Threads" section of the forum at some point but since I can only post it here for now that'll have to do]

    This is Red Top, he used to live in a red 180sx before he was ripped out and tossed on the ground to be replaced with a Twin turbo 1UZ. Red Top was left bleeding in the driveway being given away for a mere $200, but nobody wanted the poor thing. Until one day when a young apprentice turned up to buy some doors from the 180sx was offered the SR. He declined as he was planing to put that money toward a much wanted manual conversion for his S13.

    Weeks went by and eventually the young apprentice received the text. The man had offered him Red Top for nothing! All young apprentice had to do was come and pick it up. So he grabbed his dads ute, borrowed a mate's engine crane and headed on over the following week.

    Alright enough of this story time nonsense. So I got an SR20DET for nothing it apparently had some sort of rattle and was suspected to be piston slap, piston rings, whatever. I've gotta find out and I'm hoping to learn a lot from this and hopefully it will end up in a S12 Gazelle! Or whatever else pops up that takes my fancy, but I'm pretty keen on a Gazelle. It would likely end up being a track car since I am on my P plates.

    Got the SR home but I still needed an engine stand to hang it off of.

    But first I thought I'd give it a good scrub! It came up looking good and then I realised the sump was still chock full of oil.

    After jumping onto Gumtree I found a cheap stand not far from me going for $37 Cheap! I also started stripping it down, threw away the AC compressor and tossed all the little bits to the side.

    I got to draining the muck that was still inside. I much rather it in that bucket then all over the driveway. (You can see some of the mess it made to the right of the picture)

    Took a picture of the turbo because yay turbo! But it also shows the nicks that have been taken out of the fins. Hmm thats not very good.

    I got as far as getting the cams out but didn't quite have the right tool for the head bolts and I forgot to take pictures of the insides. So I'll snap some when I get to ripping the head off.

    It seems a lot of people say the SR20 sounds like a tractor engine or light diesel truck... We've got a tractor here that needs an engine. Maybe it was meant to be? No the SR20 is not going to end up in the tractor, This is just a silly joke.

    Well thats about all I've got to share with you guys for now. I'll be sure to keep posting pictures and writing short sentences along with them for you guys.
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    The Adventures of Red Top. The SR20DET

    Nice, you're a lucky bugger. Ill be watching this.
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        Sick, definitely in for this one.
        Originally posted by ADowbs
        He lives in Australia, it's a felony for thinking about doing a motor swap, let alone actually doing one.
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          so the sr20 is going in the tractor right?


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            Spreading the CITI GOLF Madness all over MCM


            It's like my blow off valve is saying "FUS RO DAH!"


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              subbing the shit outta this!
              and also with the mention of the tractor reminded me of this haha


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                Haha maybe I should put a little note at the end saying "No the SR20 isn't going in the tractor." or whatever. Sticking it in the tractor would be a huge waste of time and money I think.

                Like said above I'd like it to end up in a Gazelle. I want to have some fun not have a silly turbo tractor. haha
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                  gnna be a sick project
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                    Today I borrowed a 10mm allen key socket whatever from one of the guys at work and attacked the head bolts. Maaaaaaaaaaaaan they're tight! But I managed to get them all loose. After that I couldn't be stuffed taking off what was left and ripping the head off, I'll leave that for the weekend.

                    Snapped a picture of the rocker cover off with everything resting in the head. Dirty Dirty!

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                      That looks... Umm.... Healthy? Well. It looks healthy for a free motor
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                        The small nicks in the turbo fins are neither here nor there... Not bad for a free motor. Check the turbines for any shaft play, there should be a tiny bit of movement but nothing excessive (because when the turbo is running, the bearings sit on a very thin layer of oil).

                        IMO the best way to learn about engines is to do exactly what you're doing - get one and pull it to bits! Good to see you're having a go.


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                          Well It's not the first engine I've ripped to bits and put back together. But it is the 1st one I'm doing on my own and actually care about how it all goes back together because it may end up in a car.
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                            Re: The Adventures of Red Top. The SR20DET

                            SUBSCRIBED sounds like maaaaad fun i wish i could get a free sr

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                              Alright. Buncha pictures incoming!

                              So we got to stripping it down some more

                              Ripped the head off. Alright now we're getting somewhere! A couple of the water jackets seemed to be clogged but that was just built up on the head gasket.

                              Here's the condition of the cylinders.

                              Cylinder 1

                              Cylinder 2

                              Cylinder 3

                              Cylinder 4

                              Cylinder 2 had clear scars and the piston would sort of *clonk* up and down. So it was time to go deeper!

                              Digging our way to the crank we encountered some more pretty tight bolts. I'm not sure what we're taking off is actually called but the breaker bar we we're using was wayyyyyy too short to undo them. So to make life a lot easier we had a look around for a pole and found this! (My mate in the picture)

                              Got that off and now it was time to tackle the bearing caps. Thought it would be good to start with Cylinder 2 and see if the bearing had been spun. This took a bit of light knocks with a soft hammer to get off. It was on there good.

                              It had spun.

                              Here is Piston #3's bearing. This is what it should look like. 1,2 and 4 were much easier to take off.

                              Again No. 3 (Left) Compared to No. 2 (Right) Well there's ya problem!

                              After finding this there wasn't much else we could do so it was time to pack up. I'm going to have to find out what I need to get done to get it running again.

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