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JDM Yaris in the Caribbean

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  • JDM Yaris in the Caribbean

    Hi guys,

    I've been browsing through this forum for the past couple of months while waiting for my car to arrive from Japan. It's a 2000 Toyota Vitz (Echo/Yaris) depending on where you live. The MCM members actually helped me pick this up in the following thread:

    I'm really glad i didn't buy the Civic

    I bought this car for $812 USD then Freight was around $2200 from Japan to Antigua, it took 2 months to get here then Customs tried to **** my face. They wanted me to pay $12,000 EC to clear it.

    Luckily living on a small island has it's perks as everyone knows each other, I had a talk with my village's Government Representative and he called his friends in Finance and they waived $4000 off the Environmental Tax then waived $4000 off Customs Duty.

    I ended up paying $4000 to clear it, that brings the grand total to around $13,000 EC for that price I wouldn't be able to buy anything good down here.

    Less talk, here are some pictures (Cellphone Quality):

    Future plans:
    - Clean it out (Human Slime is Gross)
    - Audio (Doof Doof Goodness)
    - Rims ( I am looking for 16" Suzuki Swift Sport Alloys)
    - MCM Sticker + JDM as F*CK Sticker (Duh its from Japan)

    I would say lower it but anyone who has been to Antigua knows that the roads are crap.

    The engine in this is surprisingly peppy so I am good on power atm plus it came with a weird Japanese Exhaust, it isn't loud but it has a nice hum.
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    Holy shit mate no time long see! Wow, I can't believe I helped you pick that car, it only seems like yesterday Good old memories. I am just having a read through the thread now, and thanks for linking it mate, it's good to look back at my old posts I don't know what else to say, it looks good mate
    Originally posted by SL1DE
    Rear wheel drive > front wheel drive.
    Originally posted by m3ntyl
    In my town there are two demographics, people with jobs, and people with Commodores.
    Everybody else has a link to their cars, so I'll just put this here:



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      Thanks a lot, I'm gad you like it. Hopefully I can fix the few dings she has then enjoy the ride
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        the car looks awesome are you planning to lower it and it would look good debadged and dewipered.


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          Looks good man! I agree with the debadging but wipers are probably useful.

          Clickity Click that bad boy.


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            Yeah lowering it is a possibility however I'd like to see how the 16" rims fit first also even tho I'm in the Caribbean, when it does rain.. IT POURS
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              Just a quick update, fix the scratches n did some rattle can painting then went to our island's annual car meet;

              not sure if the link works but here she is


              Please leave a like if yo can
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