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My 05 Scion tC

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  • My 05 Scion tC

    After the Subaru died, I decided to buy my self something a little more reliable, fuel efficient, and newer. After searching for a little over a month, I found my new car. A 2005 Scion tC. As soon as I drove it I knew it was what I wanted. The roof is what caught my attention, and set it apart from the other cars. It is a 5 speed manual 2.4 VVTI engine, putting out 165 horse power stock.

    The day I drove it home from the dealership.

    The first thing I did to the car was new rims, a set of 18" enkei eKm3's, wrapped in some slightly streatched Nitto Neogens.


    Next I added my mighty mods decal I recently won in the JDM repaired clothing contest. So Many extra kw's for that!

    The stock scion bolts are weird, so I robbed the lugs off of my Subaru. New ones are ordered and due to be here on the 22nd.
    The orange calipers are going to be painted purple. The overall theme of the car is going to be mostly black, with a couple of smaller purple parts thrown in.

    Only black and purple allowed on my car! The chrome grille and emblem needed to blend in. So After a few days of watching primer,paint, and clear coat dry, I had an all new, custom grille.

    Also installed an Alpine CDA-9855, and purple and blue dome lights. I will take picture of them tomorrow.

    Lots of new parts coming. lots of new parts picked out when the funds come. Lots of carbon fiber in the future.

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    Nice scion ! Can you get these in canada?
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      Very sexual, I love this car so much, Thats why i wanted you to make a thread on it.
      I would love to see some interior pics if you have time. Would look epic lowered heaps, but perhaps thats not too sensible for a daily???

      Arent you gonna buy a bodykit/lipkit or something like that for it???


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        Originally posted by Motogeek32 View Post
        Nice scion ! Can you get these in canada?
        Yes we can. Hard to get to a Scion dealer in rural Canada, but any Toyota dealership should be able to help you out (I know the Toyota dealer here in PG brings in certain Scions to try and sell them up here, as there is no official Scion dealer).
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          If I can find a carbon fiber body kit I will. Otherwise going to be getting the lip, front and back. and some side skirts to match.
          5 parts currently in the mail. pay day is tomorrow. Only plan to spend $100ish per pay check on it.
          Planning on getting Tien coild overs eventually.
          And ill take interior pics when I clean it. I've got plans for it.
          and thanks! glad people like the car!


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            Looks good man, something about these I've always liked but i"m not sure what it is. Keen to see how it develops
            Originally posted by fitridebmx
            break it off and put it back on with zip ties
            Originally posted by Jenga
            So we don't have to remove our A-holes anymore? Where's the fun in that


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              interior as requested.
              alpine stereo, might paint the silver trim purple

              might change the door card to purple

              and the roof

              and I figgured I'd throw in a rear end pic

              the stock engine bay. carbon fiber valve cover coming in the nearish future. I also have black intercooler piping, may do a custom air intake.



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                Always been curious about these as e don't get scion here in Aus. Seem to be talked about alot in the US car scene and used in Formula D despite FWD (I think). I do like the look of them, but it has nothing on mine

                Originally posted by thatcoolwind
                Only narrow minded people hate on cars because of their brand.
                Originally posted by Cal
                I've driven skylines, 180's, even hachi's with 4AGZE's, not to mention all my corollas, and I have to say the excel was a blast to drive.
                Check out my excellent ride HERE:

                It doesn't matter what kind of car you have, If you've put in the work, time, and money you deserve a little respect.


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                  Yours isn't real, mines got that on yours :P

                  Also, new parts today. Just need to wait for a warm day to install.
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                    Today I installed 2 things. The first being a pair of multi led panels for the foot wells, I wired them to come on with the done light. The blue led light wasn't cutting it.

                    So last night I got bored and decided to wire up something to solve that problem, I also added a switch for it if it gets annoying or for what ever reason I decide I don't want them to come on.
                    lucky for me, my car has extra electric panels just waiting to be used.

                    Then end result.

                    The other side was a mess at the time and could not be pictured.

                    Next, I installed HID bulbs.

                    they were suppose to be more of a purple, so we will see what they look like when tonite rolls around. Ill take some pictures in the dark tonight.
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                      Much better than dome lights

                      THE MAAAAAD SCIONTIST


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                        Originally posted by KUM_HONOR View Post
                        Ha, I know the feeling.

                        The foot well lighting looks good. Have you had any problems with it so far? I might do something like that on the impreza because in winter its so dark all the time and I can never see what im doing. Roughly how much did it cost to install the setup?
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                          $15 for the light strips. any sort of toggle switch would work. I had wire left over from my stock subaru wiring harness, 2 splicers, and 4 wire leads that go on the switches and on the power source. so DIY under $20, true mighty mods stlye! and absolutely no problems so far!

                          Ill make a how to video if enough people want to do it.

                          carbon fiber switch plates for those extra kilowatts!
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                            thinking of carbon fiber wrapping the piece of plastic behind the already carbon fiber pieces. Either purple or black. Any suggestion?
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                              Id go the purple, Just so its not all BLack, Just for something a little different.