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My "slightly" modified Peugeot 205 Gti [a LOT of pictures in thread]

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  • My "slightly" modified Peugeot 205 Gti [a LOT of pictures in thread]

    As promised in my introduction thread here are some pictures of the latest modifications to my (formerly) 205 Gti 1.9

    Starting with the engine swap, i decided to put in a 2.0 Turbo charged engine from a citroen XM (mahoosive french limo)

    And so it begins:

    Old engine removed, new one is eagerly awaiting further developments

    Wannabe artistic shot:

    surprisingly little rust:

    Spot the difference wrt the last picture":

    Very profesional temp engine mount.......aka stack of beer cases:

    Starting the blue 3D puzzle to get the piping to the intercooler

    Oh crap, this is never gonna fit

    Took some time but it did fit.......just:

    Starting to look like a car again:

    Chopped up the front bumper to make room for the front mounted intercooler, fitted the lights and indicators back and hey's a car:

    Brake upgrade, before:

    and after:


    New brakelines all around and a scaffolding pipe exhaust :

    Standard 15 inch rims are FULL with the new brakes, luckily i had some 16 inchs wheels picked out allready

    Made a mount for the ECU (don't worry, it'll get another location as soon as i placed the battery in the boot)

    New brake master cylinder

    View under the hood:

    Intercooler fits pretty neatly into the bumper:

    New wheels,


    New seats and seat belts:

    Don't worry, i'm gonna refit the seat belts up higher so i won't damage my back in an accident

    And here is a clip of me scaring myself in the first time i fully press the accelerator:

    Well.....that's pretty much it so far.....
    My Peugeot 205 Gti 2.0 Turbo

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    This is awesome, she looks great
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      Great work mate, nice car.

      Why did you remove 25kW though?
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        cool car! Must be pretty quick with that engine in such a small car


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          Awesome! Hey, uh, erh, up for a meet in August?



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            Thanks guys, it's still running on stock boost (0,5 bar) but it's pretty quick as is. Do wanna install a bleed valve and get the pressure up to about 0,8 for extra fun. And i'm thinking of adding the obligatory 25 extra kilowatts by painting the calipers red again, but i'm not shure it will look that good to be honest....

            a Dutch mcm meet sounds like a great idea, unfortunatly i won't be able to make it august 11th because i'll be in greece on my holliday then

            Found a nice picture i made a couple weeks back just after i finaly washed the 205 (i hate washing cars, so it's a rarity that i do it)
            My Peugeot 205 Gti 2.0 Turbo


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              Ohh so much want this.

              How much insurance do you have to pay for something like this though ?


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                Look i can never explain properly how much i love 205 gtis! But it is a lot!!!! I'm subscribing to this thread now if only i could get a decent one from somewhere near i live
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                  @ TheToilet: it costs me surprisingly little to insure. Since it's over 20 years old it's listed as an "oldtimer" so i pay around the 200 euro's per year mark.....that does mean i can't drive it more than 5000km's per year though.

                  @zxing: if you're REALLY serious maybe you could import one from the uk? I believe there are still couple of 1000 Gti's left over there:
                  My Peugeot 205 Gti 2.0 Turbo


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                    Originally posted by Aart View Post
                    @zxing: if you're REALLY serious maybe you could import one from the uk? I believe there are still couple of 1000 Gti's left over there:
                    There are a few in Aus, but none in my state and i don't have the cash to import one one day though!
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                      Nice car mate very nice

                      Gti's in france arent mutch more expensive than a good 205 diesel but the problem is that it's hard to find a nice clean one over heare there all have bad body kits and to big exhausts but i love these cars will buy one soon

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                        Beautiful. Love the old gtis.
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                          Like! btw you can get some proper power from the xu10j2te by adding an aftermarket ecu and getting rid of the orginal MAF.
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                            Nice man, I love the 205 Gti! I had one a few years ago and totally loved it and working on it! Even managed to make a profit on mine when I sold it lol! Keep up the good work!



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                              Time for the obligatory +25Kw:

                              Running bumper "repairs"

                              I REALLY need a new front bumper that'll fit my intercooler......
                              My Peugeot 205 Gti 2.0 Turbo