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1999 Subaru Forester GT (pic heavy)

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  • #16
    Started putting the front end back together! Also painted the Hellas yellow!

    Bumper is just sitting there at the moment as I still gotta mount the intercooler!


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      Moved the Eboost2 to the centre console to hide it from the popo! And bought a Turbosmart boost gauge to put in its place up on the pillar.

      Please excuse all the dust. Been sitting for over a year now! Plan is to have it all done by the end of the year.


      • #18
        Pushed the fozzy out to give her a wash, polish and wax!

        And starting putting the brake system back in the engine bay!

        After the wax!

        And back in the garage she goes!

        Oh and sold the TMIC and got me a FMIC as you can see!


        • #19
          Picked up a 02 Outback bumper as I wanted something that would cover the Intercooler so I didn't have to cut the Forester bumper VL turbo spec.

          Trimmed a bit more off the corners after this photo.

          Cut one side and fitted EPMAN quick release.

          Still have to cut the other side and cut out the holes for the cooler piping! But it covers the core nicely!

          Thoughts? I personally love it!
          All cutting and trimming was done with a rotary tool. Very handy thing to have and can get them for under $50!


          • #20
            The holes in the top of the Outback bar that I had to cut due it it being raised there were annoying me as cops will be able to see that I'm not running a crash bar due to the front mount so I had a go at plastic welding to fix it! Did pretty good for my first go I reckon! Still got a bit to go then I can sand it and paint it!


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              Done a fair bit on it in the past few months. Picked up a GC8 WRX steering rack, fitted Whiteline rack & pinion bushes to it and Trupro rack boots.

              Also picked up some WRX 4 pots and 294mm rotors. Getting the calipers painted and doing the seals in them.

              Also finally got around to doing the valve cover gaskets.

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              • #22
                A bit of an update on the fozzy. Painted the motor just to make it look a bit cleaner.

                And got the 4 pots painted and I did all the seals in them. What do ya's think about the colour?



                • #23
                  New wheels! Old ones didn't clear the 4 pots. Correct diameter for the fozzy guards too. Tucks tyre now!


                  • #24
                    Pushed it out for a wash and to take some better photos with the wheels! Love it! Also chucked the 4 pots on just to make sure they clear and they do!

                    They are almost too small inside the big 19s now.


                    • #25
                      Well. A mate decided to sell his wheels and I just had to buy them!

                      Also pulled the rear bar off to clean behind it. Was so many rocks in there. haha