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Jade, the 2007 STI (Round 2)

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    that oil pan and exhaust looks GREAT! keep up the good work man.


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      Thanks man! it is absolutely gorgeous and i cant wait to hear those damn headers . Theyre gonna be great.

      Things are coming along fantastically here! I started the process of re-assembly and put in the new clutch master and slave cylinders as well as new braided line.

      and then finally put the flywheel and clutch back together and after a good fight......

      Shes in!!!

      Thankfully when i took the car apart I labled and baggied every bolt and re-assembly when smooth as hell because of it. Only issues ive ran into were with all the new parts mounting in such different ways. But I have damn near everything back together now.

      Just waiting on the intake manifold, turbo compressor cover and bov to get back from powder and then I can throw the rest together and shes good to go!

      cant wait! hopefully itll be the end of next week and shes gonna be up and running!!


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        AND VOILA

        Here they be!!! I LOVE the color! and the finish is beautifully done!

        So i went to mount the turbo and downpipe, and about 1.5 hours later with help from a friend

        You would not BELIEVE how much of a pain in the ass it is to align vband upipe to turbo, turbo to downpipe, and dowpine to test pipe, as well as the ewg. Since theyre vband and you dont have any clear reference point you kind just wing it until shit starts lining up. but god damn its satisfying once its lined up!

        I called it quits for that night and returned a couple nights later and tarted working on the intake mani and fuel rails.
        here they are! all gussied up

        then after about 3 more house of working and figuring out all the misc bulllshit i need, such as a few new bolts, to make a bracket to fit my FPR, to also rip apart the fpr and fix the diaphragm leaking fuel everywhere all new AOS hoses cause the old ones fouled on my downpipe plus so much other crap i forgot but now she sits like this!

        Only thing keeping her from running are metric thread barb ports for the intake mani for the bov and fpr other than that shes set to go once i get them! and bleed teh clutch....and coolant.....and power steering...and run the oil and change it......and upload the map....THEN SHES DONE....till i break in the clutch and go get the final tune. THEN.

        I wanted her drivable for my friends bday party where there was an R32 GTR, MK4 supra, E36 Ute, yes ute, 964 porsche and then bagged everything basically. all the cars were beautiful and lil ol meg my beater dint fit in lol. but such is life, to get an idea of the party check out @samwoodisawesome on instagram!!! dudes a great guy and he has a BEAUTIFUL MK2 jetta!


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          Yup. Love the color. looks like the long nights are starting to pay off.


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            Thanks man!!! they sure have! Almost here i cant wait till i break in the clutch and get my final tune! gonna be so much fun!

            Shes up and running! runs like top!!!

            ive just had a few issues, one it didnt hit boost hit 0psi like a brick wall, two the rear brakes sounded like they were grinding, and three air is somehow getting in the power steering system. So the boost was a simple coupler i forgot to tighten, the brakes i had to file down the parking brake dust cover for a few hours but now its fixed.

            The power steering MAY be due to the fact that i seem to have crushed one of my brand new AN lines for the Chase bays kit, So i ordered the new line and HOPEFULLY itll fix it, if not ill have to div deeper to diagnose. But MY GOD she looks pretty!!

            That picture was taken prior to cleaning the MONTHS of dust off. to which after i did that i found I had cracked the windshield, which now also needs to be replaced. It probably was due to cold tap water and the car baking in the sun because there was not ONE crack or anything in that windshield. so **** me but whats done is done. Just enjoy the photo of her


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              WHALE then.

              Guess its about time i updated this.

              So since we left off I drove the car all the way down to gridlife, at Road Atlanta Raceway in Georgia. If youre unaware, I live in NY. So its a ~17 hour drive or so. And the car didnt miss a beat! Sadly I was still on the base map so no fun for me, just 4k redline no boost and no fun at all. But it was a blast to cruise all the way down with friends! and spend the whole weekend with race cars and drift cars ripping around the track while we chilled and camped inside the track! had quite an adventure. Even had to change the front wheel bearing on my friends truck in the middle of an autozone parking lot while more than 1000 miles from home LMAO.

              Sadly didnt take many photos of the trip more so snapped it all on snapchat and saved the memories (mostly videos) but heres one from the trip back! However it is worth noting we stopped to bleed the coolant on my car because in 103* ambient temp, after cruising on the highway at 80mph and then suddenly hitting stop and go traffic Jade wasnt happy and the coolant temp hit 214 and i wasnt content so I went to bleed her but shes been fine since!

              After the trip she was FILTHY. over 2000 miles later and the red dirt clay or whatever from georgia was EVERYWHERE so heres a nice pictures after she got all cleaned up. You can also see my broken front lip from the THOUSAND F**KING ROAD WORKS that DIDNT, I REPEAT DIDNT have any signs. And out of NO WHERE there would be a huge drop in the road. DUMB. but anyways, here she be

              Also heres a picture from when i was taking my dog for a little walk, the car just sits so perfect and i caught the right angle. only had my phone and it was at a distance so the photo is proper potato spec BUT the stance is beautiful

              SO after all this you prolly wondering "WELL DID YOU GET IT TUNED?" yes.....I did, sadly I was limited by my ID1000cc injectors but i made solid numbers on 93 oct pump!

              Made 432/378 on a mustang dyno! wasnt even a cold day either! it may seem low but for those injectors its not bad. If i had more, say 1300s and a flex fuel kit I couldve hit 500 but i dont and Dont want to spend the money on that quite yet haha. besides shes plenty fun for now! i will say it doesnt feel as fast as you would think. The power comes on smooth it just keeps freaking pulling! so good.

              heres a dyno video

              and a little pull video! LOVE the sound of the killer b's!!!

              here you can see she still loves to shoot flames! I gotta get a good video witha go pro on the back of the car one day, some of them are HUGE. put this little guy to shame.

              A screen grab from another video of a flame

              But finally it cant all be good news can it? the power steering STILL doesnt want to work, and the clutch is killing another ANOTHER throw out bearing. WITH AN ALL NEW CLUTCH SYSTEM. EVERYTHING. So she is gonna go to a professional for those two things cause Im sick of it and want to enjoy here. PLUS.......

              A gutter flew up under a car and hit my hood

              Cause why THE F**K wouldnt it ))))))))) So thatll be getting fixed in the spring also most likely with a new front bumper cause this one is just been beat by the previous owner and I want it looking pretty.

              But thats all for now!


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                Forgot to mention I got some solid shots early fall! here they are!


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                  I do love a hawkeye. Nice work on the bay love the intake/turbo colour


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                    Thank you! I hope that maybe possibly soon ill get to give teh suspension and exterior the love that the engine and bay got!