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James' Daihatsu Cuore "SKD555"

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  • applegeek897
    May 2020: Couple small things happening at the moment. Firstly I took advantage of the hoist to quickly drop the transmission oil and replace with some nice Pentrite Pro Gear. Shifts so much better now.

    I always got a cluster with a taco, normally a bit hard to find EJ ones with the correct redline of 6.5K. Started with ripping the old out.

    Cuore Cluster Swap by James Greig, on Flickr

    Cuore Cluster Swap by James Greig, on Flickr

    New one went in. Sadly it had a broken clip but it seems to be ok. I’ve got a much better looking one for when I put the EF in.

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  • applegeek897
    May 2020: Let me tell you this was not a labor of love. It was a huge pain in the arse. And mid install I was truly ready to pack up, light a match, and watch it burn, almost. I wasn’t great with documenting this time round, I didn’t have the patience for it.

    Started with ripping it to pieces.

    Then straight into cleaning the floor, and laying down the sound deadening.

    With everything but the doors done I wanted to start roughly marking up things. I was so off here but it took so many failed attempts to work this out. I knew that I needed to be 16mm to clear the speaker on the door. This was wayyy too much.

    One thing I did know is the factory self tapping screws were not going to cut it for mounting. So I drilled and added some M6 nutserts into the door.

    With that sorted I wanted to really focus on getting the wiring nice. I planned on running the five-channel amp under the passenger seat. Plus the cross overs will be out the doors and in the cabin on their respective sides.

    All wiring on the amps are using ferrules.

    Daihatsu actually were really good with leaving spots to route cables though to keep things neat.

    After realising that I was stupid and that 16mm spacers didn’t have a chance in hell of fitting underneath the door cards I took the opportunity to get a Dremel so I could sadly cut the door wholes bigger.

    While I was there I also got started on running the woofer wire.

    Also tweeters. Going here for now but will look at a better solution later on.

    Crossovers then wired up.

    Doors then got sound treated inside and out.

    And much thinner 9mm spacers went on. Yes I fixed the dented cone before it went on for good.

    I decided to leave the rear speakers for another time with all the wiring there and waiting. So with that, it meant the carpet could go in for the last time.

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  • applegeek897

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  • applegeek897
    April 2020: As soon as I decided to get the car I knew I wanted to have this done. I’ve always been good with looking after paint on cars, but sadly I’ve always ended up with cars that have been trashed by their previous owners. Mid last year I have my motorbike repainted, and I fell in love with good paint again. While I will likely have the car resprayed in the future, I wanted to do what I can to bring the paint back to life. So I decided to have the car two-step paint corrected by Sydney Premiere Detailing.

    We started simply with a good wash, something I actually haven’t done yet since owning the car.

    Decontamination is an important step.


    With all the boring stuff done we can get it into the detail bay. Looks good even without touching it.


    Taping up all the black trim. Also testing paint for thickness, its quite thin.

    Now he could get started on compounding. Shine Supply Classic Cut with a Rupes DA.

    Here we go.

    Single stage paint was killing these pads quick smart.

    This is only the first stage, without polish and it looks insane.

    Here are a few before and afters.

    Back to the compound.

    The front bar was partially bad on the passenger side.

    Lastly he worked on a smaller machine for the harder to reach areas.

    Then a tiny pad for under the door handles. The drivers side one was horrific.

    Now we can move onto polish for finishing.

    Started with the mirrors and boot handle.

    While he was doing that I had a crack at restoring the trim. This stuff works incredible.

    He worked on polish. Shine Supply Slick Back with a foam pad. It started white.

    It’s looking damn good.

    Quickly cleaned the glass before applying the sealant.

    Time for sealant.

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  • applegeek897
    April 2020: I’m currently working on the speaker install, however a couple other exciting things have been happening. One of which was the installation of an alarm and central locking.

    We just went with some basic Jaycar motors for the doors.

    For the alarm we went with an Aussie item from a company called Antitheft.

    The siren and key fobs.

    Getting straight into it, door cards off.

    Wiring through the doors.

    Mounting motors.

    Connecting them to the lock.

    We picked up the alarm trigger from the door lights.

    Oddly there was already a hole in the dash, with nothing in it. So we used it for the light.

    Lastly we pulled through the wiring for the siren through the firewall.

    On it went and done.

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  • Master_Scythe
    Noice, and my GOD I love Morel; so smooth and not at all peaky.

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  • applegeek897
    April 2020: This is something that has been a long time coming. I was planning it for ages on the blue car but it never happened. And having a good place to start from scratch from on the red car has given me the perfect blank canvas.

    Firstly a bit of history. About 3 or so years ago I basically spent my entire tax return of that year on a ‘higher’ end set of speaker components on my Subaru liberty, and did an average install into that car. When I sold the car last year, I did so mostly with all the mods on it. However, I didn’t want to let the audio equipment go, as I really wanted to throw it into the Cuore. So here we are. The theme with this install really will be ‘proper’. Firstly, here are the components, accessories and install additions I’ll be using.

    Headunit: Sony AXV-AX100. Yes this is already in the car but I wanted to mention it again.

    Front Speakers: Morel Hybrid 2-Way Component speakers

    Rear Speakers: Morel 602 Tempo Ultra Intergra Coaxial speakers

    Subwoofer: Clarion UB2520

    Amplifier: JL Audio HD900/5 5-Channel

    Sound Deadening: SoundSkins Pro Mega Kit

    Speaker Rings: SoundSkins Rings V3

    Amp Wiring: Rockford Fosgate 4 AWG RFK4 amp wiring kit

    Speaker Wire: KnuKonceptz Kord 12 AWG OFC

    RCA’s: KnuKonceptz Krystal Twisted Pair

    RCA Spliter: KnuKonceptz Krystal M - F

    Battery Terminals: KnuKonceptz Ultimate Battery Terminal Pair

    Wire Ferrules: 4 & 12 AWG wire ferrules

    Router: Ryobi One+ portable router

    Router Bit: Ultra 13.0mm router bit

    Punch: Horusdy Punch Set

    I’ve got a few very small things still on order but they’ll be here any day.

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  • Master_Scythe
    Oh, just the fuel sock? Yeah DC5's are the same, I added a regular fuel filter.

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  • applegeek897
    Originally posted by Master_Scythe View Post
    Any EFI filter will work, take the old one and find one thats about the same size, SLIGHTLY bigger is always better (larger filter element, better flow).

    Buy 2, and run a couple of tanks of E10 95Ron (NOT the 91RON junk) If you don't normally use it, it'll clean our your fuel system good and proper. (yes, it's safe)
    Good points. These cars have in-tank fuel filters, so its not that easy sadly. They are part of the hanger. I'll be showing more of this soon.

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  • Master_Scythe
    Any EFI filter will work, take the old one and find one thats about the same size, SLIGHTLY bigger is always better (larger filter element, better flow).

    Buy 2, and run a couple of tanks of E10 95Ron (NOT the 91RON junk) If you don't normally use it, it'll clean our your fuel system good and proper. (yes, it's safe)

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  • applegeek897
    April 2020: I can’t do cars with clear glass. I need tint, the difference it makes in and out is beyond incredible. I had Show Us Your Tints come out again, he did the blue car and my Subaru 3 years ago.

    We decided on 15% VLT Suntek film.

    Here are some phone pics for now. Happy to say the car is booked in for a full paint correction detail soon, so will leave the proper pics until then.

    Next on the list was getting the injectors cleaned to hopefully fix my fuelling issue.

    Popping the rail off wasn’t too hard.

    Out they came.

    I had them professionally cleaned by Mr J Mobile Injector who has told me they were a little blocked up and could straight away tell they’ve always run with very poor fuel quality. Sadly this didn’t completely fix the issue so that means its pump / filter related.

    I cannot find a part number for a Cuore fuel filter but I’m hoping that one from an M100 Sirion will work, as they are easy to get. Will likely put a new fuel pump in at the same time. I’ll be pulling the tank out the parts car to use as a way to compare.

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  • applegeek897
    April 2020: So this is a bit hilarious, but I’ve ended up with another two Cuore’s. I promise there is a reason to my madness, this makes these my 6th and 7th Cuore for those counting at home.

    One is an ’02 with a Gino kit that’s been written off after a hit up the bum.

    The other is an ’00 with suspected blown HG, clearly they’ve both been sitting for ages.

    Anyway, this is pretty simple. They were dirt cheap and rather then let them rot I’m doing something with them. The Gino is being stripped then scrapped and the silver car will likely be going to a mate to be K3 swapped. I’ll show that if and when it happens.

    But for now it’s time to pull the ***** apart.

    Before you ask, I already sold the Gino kit. I like them but I also like the Cuore front . Something I did need though was the back seats cause that’s the last think I needed for the blue Cuore before I could put it up for sale.

    And with that it is now ready for sale. Here are the final pics.

    After putting it up everywhere online, 1 hour, yes 1 hour later someone came and took it home. I can’t explain how sad it was to see this car leave me. I’ve had it for almost 6 years and learnt so much on it. I met so many incredible people because of it, and had so many memories with it, even in high school on my red P’s.

    It's only making a path for a bigger and better build with the red car. I'm giving myself 1,000 of the money from the sold blue car for mods to be done on the red car. Lots of exciting things happening with that. More on that soon.

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  • applegeek897
    March 2020: Alrighty, been keen on doing this since getting the car. I honestly forgot how quiet these cars are stock. Despite having basically no sound deadening from stock the car feels like it is electric sometimes.

    Finally though, its time for an exhaust. Now in the past on the blue car, I simply had the factory big muffler removed with a cheap hot dog resonator being added in its place. With a shiny tip of cause. As with the theme of the new car though, we're doing it properly this time though. So I popped over to Hunterstreet Automotive to get it done.

    Let start by looking at how yuck the old system is.

    Time to rip it out, bit silly there isn't a good centre flange on the exhaust, nothing a bit of cutting cant fix.

    We reused the stock flange off the headers so there won't be a need to use a flex joint.

    For the pipe we decided to use 2 Inch, 409 stainless steel. All bends are mandrel and all joins will be tigged.

    For the resonator, we used a quality and Australian built, Amron, 12x5 inch barrel muffler. This will give the car a deep note without to much rasp.

    Let the work begin.

    The final product.

    Always great fun in the workshop on a weekend.

    As per a fellow member's recommendation, we also swapped around my springs in the buckets.

    Honestly, this makes complete sense.

    Also, I quickly swapped over the head units between the two cars.

    Happy to see it has a proper mounting kit already.

    Better than my previous setup lol.

    My fascia is a bit hacked, I'll look for another at some point.

    Finishing up with some last pics.

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  • applegeek897
    March 2020: Had a great time at a friend's workshop fixing up a few of the little things on the car.

    It started off easy with a quick service. Workshop tools are epic.

    Filter and oil. Strangely, the car was heavily overfilled.

    We popped it up to check a few things out, holy balls its clean under here.

    The rear was a little low, so we quickly sorted that.


    Handbrake adjustment and rear drum clean.

    All wheels rebalanced and aligned.

    Big issue I've had with the car is a hesitation on hard acceleration. I already knew this was likely the fact the car has been run on E10 its entire life. So we started with a good intake clean.

    Much better.

    Also thought it would be a good idea to get some injector cleaner in there.

    Lenny also had a good look at the exhaust, in the spirit of doing everything properly. He's going to do up a custom 2" stainless Catback system. All mandrel bent and tig welded, but that'll be next week. Will likely do up an intake for a pod filter too.

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  • applegeek897
    March 2020: Sometimes in life things happen and things come up, and despite being too good to be true, they aren't. This has happened to me a few times now. I think about something, look for something, lose interest after finding nothing. Then like clockwork, I give up, and the ultimate thing presents itself to me.

    Firstly why? I've owned a lot of cars in the last 5 years while owning my blue Cuore. And I've been and driven so very very fast and more 'special' cars. But nothing puts a smile on my face like driving the Cuore. My friends always laughed at me, but I truly meant it when I said I would never sell it, and I wasn't planning to. There was something always in the back of my head though. Most of the work I've done on my car has been great. But particularly in the early days, a lot of the stuff I've done, I did for the first time.

    Now is that enough justification to get a new car, not really. However, something pretty special popped up.

    This popped up on my timeline on Facebook and I knew I had to have it. This is a 1-owner, 2002 Daihatsu Cuore in an unfaded red. It's manual with AC and has only 31,000km on the clock. Its been garaged it's entire life and has 18 years of service history. It's dead stock and is completely original.

    Me with the original owner.

    So what's the plan then, better believe its not staying stock. Some might think it's silly to modify this, but quite frankly it's my car and I want to. Also, I will be continuing this thread my journey is simply ongoing in a new chassis. Here's a little comparison of the two cars currently.

    So a mate and I wasted absolutely no time getting this swapped over. We quickly took the car for those above pics to get a snapshot in stock form, but it was back to my new garage to get started. I won't go into insane detail of the mods as you've all mostly seen them.

    We started off with the rear. Braided brake lines and coilovers in.

    Front brakes.

    Front coilovers.

    Clear side indicators.

    Wheels and tyres of course.

    Lastly the seats, I didn't realise how dirty the GTVI seats were, I'll rent a cleaner soon and get that sorted.

    Also gave the knob and handbrake a quick clean.

    So happy already with how it looks. Quickly went out for some photos before we ran out of light.

    So much more planned for this. Window tint is number 1 on the list to get done, its already booked for a week from now.

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