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2005 Acura EL

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  • 2005 Acura EL

    Hi everyone, I've been on here before but can't remember my username haha.
    Anyhow I got myself a new old ride. A 2005 Acura EL, which, for those not in Canada is a slightly fancier version of the 6th and 7th generation civic. Mine is the final year for the 7th generation.
    I know the 7th generation civic isn't a very popular civic for modifying compared to other civics but I still love it. I've owned a couple of 7th gen civics now, they just feel right to me lol.
    I have a few plans for the car, most of them are maintenance related, some involve the colour teal and my ugly wheels.
    I made a little, very amateurish video that is more interesting than my words.