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91 Toyota MR2 NA-Turbo

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  • 91 Toyota MR2 NA-Turbo

    Went and bought this funny car, been wanting one for a while

    Engine is out and in parts, car seems solid, no rust and some uprated parts, aftermarket ECU, bigger turbo, bucket seats and wheel.

    Messy front compartment, needs to be tidy.

    Missing som bobs inside but I will try to fix that.

    no rust

    Plan is to put together a decent turbo engine and have fun power, fix interior and exterior details, tidy it up, polish paintwork.
    Opel calibra turbo 4x4 build

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    Got spare engine for some missing bolts and whatnot. Gen1 st165 I think

    Painted block

    Wire mess in fusebox, sparks flying

    Led bulb looks nicer

    Worst ground job i have withnessed

    Proper job

    Clutch fluid had excaped

    Oh dear.. computerings

    What a mess

    New bearings

    More modern ECU

    Stereo woring, works!

    Cable mess sorted

    New piston rings

    Repaired clock

    Cylinder head job, new gaskets

    Washing the loom

    refreshing alternator

    Bad threads

    Fixed the tiny bulbs

    New Hella headlights with better light, more wide and so

    Original - Hella
    low beam

    is wider

    full beam

    Engine complete

    new engine bay mat

    How it used to look
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    Opel calibra turbo 4x4 build


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      You did a very good job on that, the engine looks really good, car looks clean, any goals for final horsepower ? any performance part other than the engine to come on the car ?



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        Thank you

        Not quite sure what horsepower it will make, it's agarret gt2871r turbo on e85, doesn't say A/R but I think it's a .63. I have no goals since I don't know if I will keep it.

        It has better brakes and PU bushings in the whole chassis. 93+ suspension. Some lower springs and stiffer shock absorbers, sticky tire.

        Opel calibra turbo 4x4 build