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Driven Daily Modest Miata (take 2)

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    Which do you folks like more, the race footage or the story behind the race?


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      This was a bit more of a rough event, and was the first time I couldn't drive the car home afterward. I think it also bumped me out of the running for Class Champion this season. I should be able to repair it by Mt Philo next month, but I had really hoped to circle back on the Datsun after this one.

      Here's race footage from one of my practice runs on Saturday. I'm not committing to corners like I would on race day, but it was still pretty quick. Good enough to be 6 seconds faster than my personal best, when I was pushing as hard as I dared.


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        New coils, wires, and plugs sorted out the stumbling issue. A new set of 225-45-R15 v720 tires solve the untrustworthy Maxxis tires.

        ... I think I'm ready for Philo this weekend, and I won't even be welding 'till 2am the morning of the event. I could get used to this.


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          It's been awhile since I posted an update, but I ended up winning the P4 class for the year! Philo was a great time, and the weather was incredibly good.

          The only problem I had was that CXRacing exhaust manifold. Several of the welds completely failed, and now I need to make a new exhaust for the Racing Beat manifold I bought to replace it. The $400 one lasted one race, and a friend has been racing for two seasons on the $150 RB model. Figures.

          Now that the season is finished, I'm working on minor prep jobs ... like heat/defrost, winter tires, etc. The real goal for the winter is to finish up the box truck and get the Datsun ready to race in Spring.


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            MX-5s are my favorite car of all time and to see so much work being put in to one makes me very very happy! I always looked at Miatas as a fantastic autox car and had never stopped to think about a hill climber. I


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              They're pretty good out of the box, but I'm working on a much more serious hillclimb car over in https://forums.mightycarmods.com/for...n-daily-datsun if you're interested in serious build shenanigans.