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Krys' 1989 240sx Project

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  • Krys' 1989 240sx Project

    There is SO MUCH I want to do with this car. Making it a Mad sleeper is my eventual plan but right now I'm just trying to figure out why it's not running like it should (when I can convince her to crank that is) Once I get her running well enough to putter around decently, I plan on making her look like a stream line butterfly before giving her the mad tiger growl I hope to hear from her.
    Yay, 10 years in the hot southern east coast summer heat. Mmm, much stock. original old parts yes.

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    Interesting man, looks like you certainly have your work cut out for you but the work could really pay off.
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      If its anything like my 90 240, i would check the fuel lines first. The factory ones rupture easy at this age.


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        ...It was a fuse...Someone in the shop thought they were funny and nicked some of my fuses. The main one being the BLOODY FUEL PUMP FUSE! Ugh! Twats...-sigh- Now I just need to find an Idle Air Adjustment Unit with an INTACT Sensor and I might have her running right cause the she's Idleing too high at 2+ RPM before choking out. I hope that's all that needs to be done other than taking care of those few vacuum leaks... Dl


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          They discontinued my part...the one part I've been searching for for months and I can't get it anymore unless I find the holy grail of unbroken parts in a salvage yard somewhere. Fml...
          Anyone out there have parts? Please?

          Update: Praise the Car Gods I managed to Snag one on Ebay. Now I just hope I stay in their good graces and the part in one piece and it's not some sort of scam. Pray for me my friends
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            My company recently developed a device that could help troubleshoot electrical problems like this - its a smart fuse. You use it to replace a bunch of the fuses and an LED light will indicate shorts or problems. AND it'll cut power on an accessory if it senses it's draining your battery to a point where it won't start up again.
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