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James' Triumph Street Triple 660 "SKD52"

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  • applegeek897
    August: 2018 The high majority of my riding involves commuting to work in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and back each day. The biggest issue with that is despite parking in designated motorcycle parking, people make an effort to make sure they get one of those spots. Even if that means smashing and bashing a bike that is already in said spots. My mirrors usually take the biggest hammering. Replacing them has been high on the list anyway, as I really didn’t like the ones that came on the bike.

    Oh well, another set of eBay cheapies came in the mail today and I was keen to get them on.

    Old ones came off, Blu Tack the only thing barley holding them on.

    New ones went on super easy.

    Big fan, hopefully they last more than a day at work, oh well. They’re cheap anyway.

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  • applegeek897
    September 2018: Sadly I’ve copped another bloody puncture on the rear tyre, at least it isn’t holding air anymore. It kinda came at a good time though as both the front and rear were just about due for a replacement.

    I was originally considering going for another set of the Pirelli Rosso Corsa, but I was never happy with them, especially in the wet, they were horrible. So after some searching and review reading, I ended up with a front and rear set of Michelin Road 5’s

    Man on man, what a huge difference. After wearing them in they grip is better than ever thanks to the dual compound design. Wet weather performance is on another level too! They aren’t the best looking tyre but in the real world it doesn’t matter.

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  • applegeek897
    July 2018: It’s crazy to me that in under a year I’ve already done 13,000km’s. For me that’s that’s massive. In fairness though, the bike gets used 7 days a week, even though it’s mostly just a short distance to and from work each day. What that means is it’s time for the bikes major service. Triumph recommend values be check and adjusted every 20,000km’s. This was something I wasn’t in the slightest interested in attempting myself. Fat Crank was once again called in for the work.

    He’s a good dude and does great work.

    All the other bits of a normal service were done too!

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  • applegeek897
    March 2018: I really do love the Arrow exhaust on this bike. The look of it was one of the main things that drew it to me. But I have to say, I’m somewhat disappointed. I always thought the exhaust was the same between the Daytona and the Street Triple. Although on closer inspection, the Street Triple version has a very large mid muffler, making it ‘quiet’. I’m sure for most people its a good better than stock option but for me its not, shame, it looks so damn good.

    I was considering going for something like an SC Project exhaust but the previous owner got in contact with me and offered a no name carbon exhaust he had for the bike. It was super cheap so no reason not to at least give it a go.

    Off the Arrow came.

    Side by side.


    The difference is insane and its exactly what I was looking for.

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  • applegeek897
    February 2018: The bike has been just fantastic. Sadly someone drove into the back of me and damaged my numberplate, and despite being secure at the time it actually fell off during my ride home. I did the trip 3 times and couldn't find it. Due to the fact that it was a personalised plate, if I want the same characters I have to wait 6 months until I can get a replacement. So for now it'll have to be the yuck yellow plates.

    Better believe loctite was used this time.

    Then to add to the bad news I got copped a puncture yesterday, luckily ProCycles were able to fit me in to have it repaired.

    Oh well, all sorted now.
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  • applegeek897
    January 2018: Finally got round to getting the bike serviced today. Normally this is something I would just do myself but I usually like to always get the first service done by a pro so they can have a good look over everything. After a few recommendations from some mates I settled on Fat Crank Motorcycle Services. Their main benefit is they come to you, which is great and cause instead of the bike being gone for more then a day it just takes about an hour and I can sit in the house.

    He got straight into the service and had a good look over the bike.

    All up the work carried out was.

    - Drain and replace oil with Penrite fully synthetic
    - Remove and replace oil filter with genuine unit
    - Drain and replace coolant
    - Drain and replace brake fluid
    - Clean, lubricate and adjust chain and tension
    - Adjust and bleed brake system
    - Adjust clutch movement
    - Adjust and check tyre pressure
    - Perform suspension and tyre check
    - Perform light and horn check

    I straight away noticed a difference and was so happy with the service he offered.
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  • applegeek897
    November 2017: The bike has been riding absolutely amazing lately and I'm finally comfortable on it, which is making me enjoy it that much more. While I'm pretty seasoned on servicing and maintenance on my cars, motorcycles are a new game for me. Yes most things are at-least similar but there are some new things I've never had to deal with before. First of which is chain maintenance.

    After doing some readying and research, kerosene in a spray bottle makes for a cheap and effective cleaner.

    I also picked up this Grunge Brush tool which should making cleaning an ease.

    Moving onto the chain itself, it wasn't in horrible condition but far from perfect either. I have no idea when it was last attended to. Lots of caked on dirt.

    After a good scrubbing it turned out looking mint.

    Once clean it got a healthy dose of lube and was looking much better. After a quick ride I could really feel the difference on the road.

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  • TheCaptain
    Don't like the look of the Street Triple, the headlights are weird to be honest

    And also, there's a motorcycle subforum

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  • applegeek897
    November 2017: Yes, new plate finally here. Good riddance yucky yellow.

    Hello sexy black with silver.

    The tail tidy didn't have mounting holes for the factory plate location so some new holes needed to be made.

    Then it could go on, so much better.

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  • applegeek897
    October 2017: Went for a quick ride to Prince of Wales Drive for a few sneaky pics.

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  • applegeek897
    October 2017: While the bike was pretty much perfect out the gate the rear tyre looked suspect, not to mention the fact that it also seemed to have a slow puncture. Clearly seen better days.

    I replaced the tyre with the factory spec 180/55ZR17 Pirelli Rosso Corsa. Instantly felt better on the street, no surprise.

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  • applegeek897
    October 2017: I wanted to make a thread for the bike and thought this would be a good place to start as we know the boys love their bikes here.

    I’ve been meaning to get my bike license for years but something always came up, but now I’ve finally done it. So with my license in hand it was time to get a bike and despite being restricted to LAMS approved motorcycles I was rather spoilt for choice. In saying that, my dad has a Triumph Daytona 675R and I’ve always been in love with it. So it had to be a triple. With the Street Triple being basically the best option and in my eyes the best looking and sounding LAMS approved bike, I had to have it.

    I was looking for a few weeks and looked at about 5 different bikes but none of them were really for me. I really wanted red but would’ve been perfectly happy with white. But then I found a bargain with decent mileage and every mod I would want, to start off anyway. Only problem was it was in Tweed Heads, which is about a 900km drive from where I am. But, I just couldn’t let it go. It was too good of a deal but I said I’d never buy something sight unseen. After a FaceTime call to the guy and a deposit later I organised shipping done to me. Which ended up way quicker and cheaper then I thought. Which was big plus.

    So here we go. The truck arrived and the lovely gentleman offloaded the bike.

    Man the excitement was real to say the least.

    She’s a bit dirty from the trip but I’ll clean it spotless soon.

    These two are already looking good together but I’ll get some shots with all three soon. I’m away for MotoGP but will get back to it soon.

    Onto some of the modifications already carried out by the previous owner.

    Starting with one of my two favorite things about the bike. The Arrow exhaust. Man does it sound lovely, still could be a touch lighter but maybe a set of headers in the future could help that, but for now it looks beautiful.

    My second favourite thing would have to the shift dynamics quick shifter. Flat shifting is so awesome.

    Then there is the smaller things, not completely sure how I feel about these but we shall see. Starting with red valve caps and billet red paddock spools.

    Billet red oil cap.

    'Carbon' bar end mirrors. I wasn't sure on these at first, but after using them I actually really like them.

    Billet black with red accent clutch and front brake lever.

    The bike is also fitted with the optional genuine Triumph belly pan and a genuine Triumph light cowl.

    Lately the tail tidy with LED numberplate light. The light is unfortunately yellow rather then white which is fine for now but I really want to change it out. Plus the disgusting yellow plate has to go. I've already ordered a custom plate which is on the way and should come in a couple of weeks.

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  • applegeek897
    started a topic James' Triumph Street Triple 660 "SKD52"

    James' Triumph Street Triple 660 "SKD52"

    2014 Triumph Street Triple 660 LAMS ABS

    Basic specifications

    Engine: 660cc In-line 3-cylinder
    Transmission: 6-Speed Sequential
    Year and Trim: MY14, LAMS ABS
    Colour: Crystal White
    Horsepower / Kilowatts: 54.45 HP / 40.60 KW @ 9,300RPM
    Torque: 40.27 Ib-ft / 54.60 NM @ 5,155 RPM
    Price (When new): $12,490
    Price (Paid): $8,250



    - Arrow Exhaust
    - Shift Dynamics Quick Shifter
    - Derestricted throttle

    Wheels / Tyres

    - Factory 17” wheels
    - Michelin Road 5 120/70-ZR17 / 180/55-ZR17 tyres

    Suspension / Brakes

    - Factory Kayaba Suspension
    - Factory Nissin / Brembo brakes


    - Genuine Triumph belly pan
    - Genuine Triumph light cowl
    - Tail tidy
    - LED Numberplate light
    - Billet black bar-end mirrors
    - Billet black adjustable clutch lever
    - Billet black adjustable brake lever
    - Billet red oil cap
    - Billet red paddock stand spools
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