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Engine swapped 1986 BMW

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  • Engine swapped 1986 BMW

    Hello everyone!
    Today i'll show you all a bit on what i've spent the most part of this year building and chopping in my tiny rural home garage! This post is really just to show my passion to old car's, especially to one of my all time most wanted cars. The 3 Series BMW from 1986! (Also commonly known as 'E30') Mine came from the factory as a 316, a tiny four cylinder SOHC engine which produced a astouning 90HP at the brakes. Now i know as this car had already super car performance back in the day, it even came as an automatic to reduce some of to unbearable power to make it even more smooth.
    Since now all should have realised, this is by far no longer automotive standard anymore. And i sometimes wanna go fast. So i decided to swap a 6 Cylinder 24V DOHC with 5 Speed Manual Trans in it!
    I'm no professional mechanic, just a madman who has watched over 300 MCM Episodes and listens to eurobeat while driving... so i bet you can guess where this is going. Totally amateurish Engine Conversion Time!

    But now enough introduction. Final picture first:

    Donor: Front .jpg

    Got myself some sweet BMW 328CI (Coupe) which has a 6 Cylinder 24DOHC Engine that produces around 192HP from the Factory. Mine made around 210 HP when i dynoed it.
    After it broke down on me and since it wasn't in the best overall shape to begin with, it was clear that the engine had to move in a new home... E46 Motorausbau (1).jpg

    Above is my first engine extraction, was not smart enough to drain it before... Not recommendet!
    Well, at this part i was set so...

    That's when i bought the 1986 3 Series! It's a somewhat rare color, called 'Lapisblau' (lapis blue)

    After the old engine got chopped, i braced the engine frame:

    After it beeing back in place, it was time for the marriage of E30 Oldtimer goodness with 24V perfection...

    to be continued...
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    The engine beeing in it's final place: M52T

    After that i spent a lot time managing the loom and all of the wiring on the inside of the cabin aswell as some interieur changes.

    Then came the big brakes, some 292mm Brembo's and a 5 Stud conversion using Z4 Wheelhubs

    The stainless steel duplex exhaust arrived:

    to be continued...
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      The forum goes crazy when using special symbols and letters, I guess you tried to use the comma on top of the e for 'Coupe' ? The forum doesn't like that and cuts of the entire post after that point.


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        Originally posted by TheCaptain View Post
        The forum goes crazy when using special symbols and letters, I guess you tried to use the comma on top of the e for 'Coupe' ? The forum doesn't like that and cuts of the entire post after that point.
        So this seems to have caused it to disappear, right on spot.

        Re-sprayed the rear snackbar: IMG_20180909_132210.jpg

        And this is what where i'm currently at, all my hard work ultimately got to this point!

        Also upgraded to a 320mm steering wheel because on the original one the horns didn't work... Also got some HELLA yellow horns
        Closer look on the engine bay: IMG_20180908_174043.jpg

        I've still got to do some stuff left to do, but it runs, revs and my neighbors won't say 'Oh no what's he doing again'... To be continued
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          love me a BMW E30, that shape!!

          nice work mate!!


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            Originally posted by kin37ik View Post
            love me a BMW E30, that shape!!

            nice work mate!!
            Thanks mate, It's the ultimate driving machine!


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              Hey Guys,
              yesterday a got a special delivery from Down under! Yep i ordered MCM Stuff :P

              Some Stickers and a MCM Flag for my Garage / Workshop!



              Also earlier today the E30 got picked up by a mechanic from a local Motorsports Garage, they will fit the exhaust and finish the build, also check if everything is legit and then put it on their dyno! Im So stoked! Finally i will get it black on white how much eurobeat i will have to listen to be able to drift this thing lol


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                Apperantly i'll be out of country when the mechanics will take a look at my car and fix/dyno it. I Gave them a 600€ limit on what i can afford right now, so now any call that could go in next week either is It's done and ready or m8 you ****ed up big time... It's killing my nerves


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                  Still wating for 'the call'. Im not in the country for next week too, so im left waiting. Meanwhile i ordered some more parts. Mostly cosmetics and accesoires, aswell as some sweet rims:


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                    I thought it was a BMW, not a Mercedes? Lol, kidding ofc


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                      You're right, it's still a beamer! I just like the look of these rims. Luckily Mercedes also uses a 5x120 bolt circle so it fits my E30
                      a reference picture on where i'm planning to go with this car:


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                        Still haven't got my car back. The shop had so much to do and put my project on the waiting list for when there's less workload. Im ok with it tho as long it get's done this year. Also i've choosen some Nexen N8000 in 215/55R16 for my Mercedes Rims! I've driven well with these before on 17 inch rims and they will fit with minimal modifications. Cost for each tire ~58 - 65€ depending on shop.

                        Some of the issues the shop ran into:
                        • Brake caliper hoses hit the shock -> made some hard-line adapters to re route the hoses.
                        • Master brake cylinder diameter was 1mm to small, wouldn't seal the brakebooster -> had to order something different and use adapters to match with the existing brake lines.
                        • Exhaust didn't fit at all! The guy who sold it to me as 'Fits E30 with M52' is a shitbag. -> The shop spent 2 days working on it to make it fit neat.
                        currently im looking for a OEM M-Technic 2 bodykit that won't cost more than the whole car... They're rare.
                        Also i decided on a color. I'll be painting it in Alpina blue 2

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                          Woooooooo!!!!!!! That is a cleeeaaan and well built E30.


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                            Originally posted by Nick Nayme View Post
                            Woooooooo!!!!!!! That is a cleeeaaan and well built E30.
                            Thanks mate


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                              I was at the shop since they finished their work on the car. Exhaust looks so good, im loving it. Brake feels really good and after pumping it 2 times it's already brick hard.

                              BUT there is still the same issue with the engine i had a year ago when it was still in the E46 body... throws a bunch of codes, idles like shit and wont take gas. Since i couldn't figure it out at all i decided to throw a bunch of money at it again and swap every.single.damn.sensor and every gasket or o-ring that's on the intake side.
                              • coolant temp sensor
                              • intake air temp sensor
                              • camshaft sensor 1
                              • camshaft sensor 2
                              • crankshaft sensor
                              • mass airflow sensor
                              • fuel pressure regulator
                              • o-ring's for injectionvalves
                              • o-ring for throttlebody
                              • 3mm and 7mm plugs

                              Since it's a BMW these parts (some not even OE but OE spec...) where somewhat 250-300€-ish some one please stop me from buying my 7th MAF that's not working right...