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Project TVR: My Fist Time Working on a Car!

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  • Project TVR: My Fist Time Working on a Car!

    Hey everyone, how you doing?

    So last winter I had the amazing opportunity to work on a TVR Cerbera 4.5L V8 that is used just for the track, mostly the Nürburgring. The head gasket had blown and the owner, Paul, had no way of getting the engine out. No engine lift and no car lift. So from inside his garage we set about lifting the car, removing everything attached to the engine then lowering the car leaving the engine raised on a table. This gave us access to the timing cover where we could pull apart the engine and assess the damage. Paul has done this a few times already.

    This was such a great opportunity for me as I'd never worked on a car like this before. The most I'd ever done was change tyres and check fluids so holding a prop-shaft that I'd removed was a little surreal!

    Anyway onto the un-building of the car. I came in to this project to learn and be hands on so the filming took a bit of a back seat, i.e Paul had removed some parts already etc So this is now way a how to, but more of a my experience and a lot of wisdom from Paul!

    Part 1: Removing the gear box


    Part 2: Opportunity work - Diff Bush Removal


    Part 3: Dropping the Car


    Part 4: Removing the Cams

    Coming soon!

    A bit of a spoiler/disclaimer here. As Paul and I have been busy and our timetables haven't aligned I haven't been able to film the re-building of the engine which has nearly been completed now. This is unfortunate but the car has been out for nearly 18 months so I understand the want and need to get the car done ASAP. So what I'll do is plan a time with Paul to talk about the re-building and have a video detailing the torque specs and all the technical bits that went into the rebuild.

    I hope you guys enjoy the un-building of the car.

    Take care,