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  • Kanu's S13

    I've decided to make a thread of my SX200 project and update it as my project progresses. As well as gain experience and learn advice, ticks and tricks and so forth. As my car knowledge is rather small, especially in 'practice' department. Nonetheless, I have passion and dedication towards my car, which I plan to ride one day with pride. As well as do some drift on it!

    So far, this car was full of surprises. Even the day of its retrieval was the one, that I will not forget. But let's start with my 'retrieval' story first! At first, I planned to buy S12, which did look similar to AE86 yet at the same time, was still available to my reach. I found one and even planned a trip to Netherlands to buy it. But in a last moment, I've found S13 and it was just.. 180KM away from my home. I've dialed up that seller and on Wednesday, I've set off with my friend to the seller's place. After a couple of hours we were there already and I finally was able to check and test drive this car. It's clear, that this S13 was made for drifting mainly. No sound deadening, harsh suspension.. lack of a lot, what was okay for everyday driving but was not necessary for drifting. This car even has a special switch to turn off/on engine cooler. During my test drive, I felt only thrill and excitement so.. I bought it. It did cost 3k euro although.

    First 30 minutes of driving was awesome but after a brief stop at gas station, car decided not to start up again. Eventually, we managed to arrive at early morning of Thursday, with my car being on a tow 100km, give it or take. Unfortunately, during usual service (aka changing all the liquids), metal shaving was found in oil filter. Thus, begins my project of this car. Another worthy mention is of a dear friend from Finland who knows a lot about cars and S13 in particular and was keen to help me with my car project. But...

    Because winter kicked in already, it's kinda problematic to start taking engine out of its bay. Thus, until a more warm weather kicks in, I'll get myself busy with other aspects of the car. Getting wires and electronics back in order, installing audio system, getting other suspension and so forth. But since I am quite new and noob-ish in this, I'd appreciate helpful tips and advice from you!

    Car has CA18DET engine, 1.8l turbo.

    There are some updates already to be posted, but I need to gather up my photos for it first, before posting!

    Day of car's retrieval. Dusty and hungry for fuel.

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    Before winter kicked in, I did some proper wash for my car. That's how it looks when she is clean.

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      Finally, right before winter kicked in, I managed to find a dry and fine garage. Unfortunately, it's quite narrow and small so it is challenging to do any work properly done. However, I did manage to achieve some progress regardless. Some of my progress:

      With hood being taken off to get a much easier access to the engine bay:

      First step of getting car on jackstands. I had to do it in two steps actually. But this one is first:

      Second and final step:

      And finally, some photos of the engine itself.

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        nice, whats the plans for this one?

        CA18DET's are really solid engines, rev hard all day long.


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          Well, my main goal is to see where a metal shaving comes. Or rather, what produces it. Secondary goals are: install audio system, change suspension and some minor work on the interior and electrical tids bits. Also install a better cooler. Because current one is like 2x smaller than the original one.