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Chris' R34 Skyline GTT

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    Congrats Chris on the birth of your daughter, exciting times ahead!!

    She will no doubt turn into a petrol head and JDM fan so you can’t ever sell the GTR!!!


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      I can't believe the last update was in July!

      In September I was lucky enough to attend the 2nd show of the year dodging the national lock downs, this was Modified Live Snetterton. Would have been rude not to as the circuit is only a 20min drive away.

      On the drive home the car threw up the TCS,SLIP and EML lights on with no change in the drive of the car. I took it to work the following week and I experienced a very bad misfire on the way in.

      Not having access to Nissan Consult I did the paperclip trick and code 21 appeared, which points at the coil packs.

      I removed the coil packs to check the resistance to find 4 out of 6 had no resistance. I'm guessing they're fine on initial start up but break down when they get hot (driving for 10mins after start up the misfire reappears)

      I also noticed 3 out of 6 cylinders had oil down the spark plug chambers and on top where the coil pack sits. So I started to strip it down while I wait for a replacement gasket and half moons to arrive from Conceptua Tuning.

      This was the first time working on the engine especially an RB, and wow what a ball ache this was haha

      With the gaskets and spark plugs changed it was a waiting game for the OEM coil packs to arrive from Auto Extreme

      Refitting is very straight forward so it didn't take too long to put everything back together

      With the car reassembled it was time for a test drive. What better way than a 100 mile trip around the Norfolk coast. The car didnt play up at all and ran like a dream. An added bonus Mia had slept for the whole time, winner!

      I'm looking forward to the salt free roads so I can enjoy this again


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        I've been wanting to try a new photo look/technique for awhile but hadn't had the spare time.

        The car had been neglected since the end of summer last year and I can't remember the last time it was washed. Unfortunately with winter and moving house it wasn't at the top of my priority list (plus living in a flat didn't help)

        With the car washed, now was the time to go out and take photos. I'll let them do the talking

        A big thank you to David Cox aka Shooting Dave for videos, it certainly helped. Just need more practice now


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          I just realized your Skyline has the same Recaros as my Opel has from the factory xD
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            Sadly no updates with the car

            Took the car to a couple of local meets


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              Some nice photos you got there! Might need to try out that long shutter time with flash/light tactic as well.