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Chris' R34 Skyline GTT

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  • hoodedreeper
    I ordered a new set of wheels as birthday present to myself. I wanted a set of these for the MX5 but they don't make them wide enough in a 15. So i'm very happy to be able to have a set on the Skyline

    Choosing a wheel design was difficult enough, let alone deciding which fitment to get. I decided on 18x8.5 ET30 and 18x9.5 ET30, playing it safe due to the arches are original and mint, would be a shame to ruin them because of the offset being lower.

    I believe Nismo recommend this fitment for the GTT, so that was some reassurance

    Colour choice was also another challenge, the current bronze wheels look awesome against the pearl white and I had my head set on that. But then i saw the GT Silver was an option and can see from the photos that i made the right decision (or did i?)

    With the bodywork being in mint condition (except the difference in colour on some panels due to the pearl) my attention would be under the bonnet. I can't afford a full forge build,top mount turbo etc so went for a cheaper route. I've been collecting parts for a couple of months and now I'm at a stage where i can post about it.

    Stock Turbo Stage 3 Hybrid (spec below) (Rebuilt by Universal Turbos)
    Genuine Gasket Set
    Apexi Power FC
    Z32 MAF
    R35 GTR 570cc Injectors
    Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    Blitz FMIC
    NGK BKR7E Plugs
    Splitfire Coilpacks
    Competition Clutch Stage 2 (supplied by Conceptua Tuning)
    Lightened Flywheel
    Braided Clutch line

    Re-Profiled Compressor Cover
    T38 Compressor Wheel
    360 Degree Thrust Bearing
    T3 Billet Backplate Modified
    T3 Bearing Housing Modified
    Hi-Temp Turbine End Piston Ring Seal
    T38 Turbine Wheel
    Re-Profiled Turbine Housing
    Ported Wastegate and Larger Poppet Valve
    1 Bar Actuator
    Up-Rated Actuator Bracket

    My aim is 400hp,would be over the moon if it was more

    I also have a Tomei turbo elbow on order through Nengun Performance

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  • hoodedreeper
    Why buy aftermarket clear side repeaters when you can just remove the orange lense yourself for free!

    As much as the Series 2 front bumper wasn't my favourite thing to begin with, I did start to like it as time passed. But it was time to find an Altia bumper,this seemed abit more tricky than i first though. Luckily i found one only a couple of hours away, and it was en route on my holiday to Cornwall, bonus!

    While down in Cornwall we took a trip over to Devon and visited the guys and girls at Torque GT. They had the HKS SSQV Blow off Valve on offer, so would have been rude not to grab one while i was there.

    The first of many packages had arrived from Japan, my replacement OEM steering wheel. This is fantastic condition compared to the one fitted to the car. The only problem was (and i didnt notice until i took the photos) was its actually from an Auto car, i didn't originally see the buttons in the advert on Yahoo Auctions,oops!



    The other half bought me some LED tail lights for my birthday in August. fitting didn't take too long :P

    Finally got the Altia bumper painted and fitted, along with some clear indicator units and chrome bulbs. Its transformed the front end and looks alot better! I'm glad i decided to colour code the centre bar and not left it black.

    The factory ceramic turbo doesn't like a bar of boost, most say around 11-12psi max is safe. After some research i decided to go for a Greddy Profec OLED boost controller to up the current boost a tad. Also hoping it'll come into boost smoother as its a little bit 'choppy' (see what i did there :P)

    I didn't like the mount that's supplied so decided to make something

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  • hoodedreeper

    First thing to do was to have a full service including all fluids. The suspension was swapped for some Meister R coilovers and the stock wheels swapped for a set of 17" A-Tech Monoblock alloys refurbed in bronze

    Oil Change
    Spark Plugs
    Fuel Filter
    Japspeed Radiator
    Drive Belts
    Cambelt & Tensioners
    Coolant change
    Gearbox Oil change
    Diff Oil change
    Brake Fluid change

    Meister R Zeta CRD Coilovers
    Shorter front drop links
    Wheel arches and suspension turrets undersealed

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  • hoodedreeper
    started a topic Chris' R34 Skyline GTT

    Chris' R34 Skyline GTT

    My previous project was a 1992 Mazda MX5 which I purchased stock. Over the next 5 years the car went through various changes and styles. In May 2018 I made the decision to strip the car to a bare shell and sell everything to fund my dream car. The original plan was to enjoy the car until September when the insurance and MOT expires, then begin the search for the new car. I found an extremely tidy example for sale in June and went to view it and ended up coming home with it.

    Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Series 2
    RB25DET NEO 6
    Manual Transmission

    Imported in 2016 by IBE Cars in Huddersfield
    Resprayed in original Pearl White in 2017

    Stock except custom de-cat exhaust and HKS air filter