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1948 Holden 48-215 (FX Sedan) Restore

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  • 1948 Holden 48-215 (FX Sedan) Restore

    Hi everyone.

    Today marks the first day of my dad and I rebuilding his original 1948 Holden 48-215 (FX Sedan). I thought I would share this with some people, maybe someone will enjoy watching some old history be restored.

    We don’t plan to go very fast with this, not sure how long this will take. We are planning for YEARS. I will post pictures as we make progress.

    Vehicles History

    My mum bought this car for dad as a wedding gift. My family is 110% Holden. My grandfather owned a Holden dealership and I have forever driven only Holdens, and plan to keep it that way

    Dad is the 2nd owner of this vehicle. It was registered in QLD some years ago, but has since been left to rust (tears).

    Dad rebuilt this car once before. Before I was born my parents had to sell one of their cars to buy a house. My dad rebuilt his FX to daily drive. He drove the FX for 3 months or so.

    Around the time time my parents split, my dads father said he would restore some of the rust in my dads car whilst he found a new place to live and store the FX. Fortunately after 10 years, dad is ready to bring it home.

    Day One - 3/01/2018

    Today we picked up the old 48-215 (FX) and are on our way back to Gatton QLD from Gosford NSW.

    We have some original parts such as:

    - Rebuilt Grey 6cylinder 2.15L Motor

    - Recoiled radiator

    - Body panels

    - Driveline

    - 3 on the tree gearbox

    - DIF

    - Keyway Axels (pain in the ass)

    Enjoy some photos, I took heaps so I will post a few reply’s.

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    Some more photos


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      New home for the car. Back at dads place. Time to start the hard work, he is going to come up with a plan. When we had a look at the rust, it wasn’t to bad.