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1990 Volvo 244

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  • 1990 Volvo 244

    Figured I would introduce you all to my Volvo. It's a 1990 240DL sedan and it's had a few modifications done, and more will be coming!

    - B230F+T
    - Mitsu 15G
    - Volvo A cam
    - d5lunda (Sweden) chips in EZK & LH2.4 ECU
    - 440cc injectors
    - 3 inch MAF
    - Quantum 340lph fuel pump
    - Ford 95 amp alternator
    - Isuzu NPR intercooler
    - Blitz bov
    - XJ6 Engine mount on pass / 240 Diesel on drivers
    - Crane Hi-6 CDI box and PS92 coil
    - Turbo clutch
    - 3 inch turbo back exhaust with Magnaflow cat and resonator

    - Kaplhenke Strut Brace
    - SW20 MR2 struts w/ AE86 Camber plates
    - Bilstein HD rear shocks
    - Afco street stock springs front and rear
    - Spartan Locker w/ stock 3.31 rear gears
    - 240 Turbo rear sway bar
    - IPD 25mm front sway bar

    It made 186 whp and 250 ft-lbs at 12 psi with the factory ecu and ignition modules and the factory fuel pump. It's now running 18 psi, the clutch starts to slip at 22 psi lmao

    The stock m47 trans is known for destroying itself on the factory n/a 114hp/136tq so a better transmission is in order. The parts to use the T5 trans and one piece driveshaft from a foxbody Mustang are readily available so I'll probably go that route.
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