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Ian's 2003 Evo 8...the Yevo.

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  • Ian's 2003 Evo 8...the Yevo.

    Here's my 03 Evo 8, JDM import.

    Has been in Australia since 2010, I am the fourth owner I believe.

    Picked it up basically stock in excellent condition around 18

    Added a boost gauge and decent headunit and speakers initially, which kept me happy up until recently when I decided to keep the car off the road, build up the suspension and brakes then add a fair few bolt ons with the aim of 400bhp. IMG_0019.JPGIMG_0011.JPGIMG_0009.JPG

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    Always liked the interior bits from Ralliart, but do not like the price tag, so set about hydrodipping some bits in high gloss dark carbon fibre



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      Engine bay progress.

      Motorsports cop kit, freshly powdercoated rocker cover, unknown performance short route coldside piping, mishimoto radiator & fan, FP green turbo mounted on JMF ceramic coated manifold & plazmaman cooler plus a few extras

      Almost done under the hood then off for corn juice!


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        Cool car Yevo, like the colour, makes it pop!

        Then again I’m quite partial to yellow cars...