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This happened today it sucks

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  • This happened today it sucks

    This happened to me today,I was rear-ended while waiting to make a left hand turn by a woman texting an driving the estimated impact speed was 60mph,I wanted to vomit an cry so much time and money and effort and love is just gone in the blink of an eye,I had to spend the afternoon in the hospital under going ever possible x-ray an scan imaginable I'm really shaken up and really still in a state of disbelief the car is a complete wash it's totalled hope everyone else is having a good day,moral of the story is don't text an drive people please

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    You have my sympathy and I hope you are ok.
    Was it on a freeway or main road or something?
    That's almost 100km/h and I'm honestly amazed because that's our freeway speed in Aus.
    I have to say I would like to think it actually help up well with the impact speed in mind.
    Do you have any idea what you are getting now?


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      Damn that sucks man. Have any pictures from before it was totaled?


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        Actually yes I bought a 90 Integra ls coupe


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          Holy damn dude, that sucks. How's insurance working out in your scenario?
          Texting and driving at that speed is insane.
          "The truth resists simplicity."
          - John Green


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            Actually worked out pretty well for me the ins company was pretty quick to want to settle so I'm working on a new car as we speak