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i30N Storm Trooper

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  • i30N Storm Trooper

    I thought I would keep a small diary of my i30N.

    After the BMW Touring (After I spent a fortune on that) I inherited my mums Leon 1.4 150bhp FR. Fantastic car, did everything I wanted / needed and was brilliant on fuel. I didn't need another car but I was looking, with the Wifes diesel Astra being well boring (Its a Astra after all) I heard the odd rattle from the gear box area and thought right she can have the Leon as she does do a fair few miles and it will do her well.

    This left me looking for a new car..................

    Criteria -

    - 5doors
    - Large boot
    - Family ready
    - Must be kept minimum 5 years
    - Fun to drive
    - Not cost a fortune to run / maintain ( I didn't want another BMW scenario )

    I went and looked at a few cars like 1 series bmw's but didn't like the space or servicing costs, Civic type R's again, Megane Rs's, Focus ST's & Seat cupras basically hot hatches with the odd estate

    I kept coming back to the I30N as I had seen them testing at the Nurburgring when I was over and something really appealed (and Hyundai did take the head of engineering at M division off BMW to develop it)

    I went to the local dealer and got no where with them. Went to a few other dealers, test drove a fastback (basically a coupe) which felt sluggish and you couldn't see a thing out the back so booked a test drive elsewhere with a hatch. With the hatch you could see loads and it went bloody well (think the fastback was a bit of a lemon)

    Placed the order with a view to get it on a 69 plate but to collect once i was back from my honeymoon mid September.

    The car -

    Polar White
    Launch control
    Several Driver modes
    5 year warranty
    5 year TRACK warranty

    (The ‘N’ in Hyundai N stands for Namyang, home to Hyundai Motor’s global R&D Centre & also Nurburgring for the testing )

    Collected it 16th September arrived at the dealer - Hadn't prepped it at all was disgusting. Didn't activate a few things I had asked for to be done and when they removed the sticky film from transporting it left residue all over it - oh well.

    Car is booked in for a check up in 6 weeks, while in to activate said functions & fix a few issues like melted rear window trim, all the wheels marked & they have said looking to replace them all foc before all of that though I am driving it to Germany and hiring a car while I am there to lap the ring as we booked the trip before I ordered this.

    So far done 200 miles in it and I need to do 600 before I press the "N" button which gives me full asbo mode.

    First impressions
    • Fuel tank is tiny - 44 ltrs to fill it from 0 range (50 litre tank)
    • Really really comfy place to sit when driving
    • Apple car play is fantastic
    • Drives great & wants to pull all the way but I haven't gone over 5k yet
    • Shift lights & engine temp lights are a nice touch
    • lots of room inside
    • Exhaust note is lovely

    Will add pictures later when I get some off my phone

    To be continued .........

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    Collection day. Looks clean its not. I arrived early and before the Sales person got in and they where really upset and apologised (not her fault TBH) -

    Nice place to sit, Easy on the eyes dials

    Looked good in the car park

    Pictures from having a deep clean and front end PPF fitted

    I went for white as I love white cars its also very understated, where i park it at home you would walk past without realising as you just see the nose of the car. I don't like the blue that everyone seems to get and I wasn't going to pay £600 for a colour I didn't like.

    Few days after I collected it, it went in for full PPF (Paint Protection Film) on the front end to stop pesky stone chips / damage.

    Get the car back in the morning then its off to the new office to cringe at the utter lack of parking / quality of what we have.

    Road trip to Milton Keynes Saturday to see our new nieces so be nice to see what its like on a long drive as its 3 hours each way!


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      So after living in the car for a few days I thought I'd put my thoughts across.

      Last Friday morning me and the wife got up early and headed for the Nurburgring. Trip was planned and booked before I even thought about buying this car but thought what a good way to break it in.

      Cruised down UK's motor system we only got stuck once thankfully and arrived at Dover with plenty of time. I did have to fill up in Dover as I wasn't going to trust we could make it to Belgium with the dash saying 55 miles remaining as we had already done 302 on this tank. Filled it up wit 37ltrs of juice and off we went. Once over it was a nice steady drive to the ring.

      Saturday we got up and headed to the boulevard. Now I had been rough all week with some bug and we where both booked in for a tattoo each, I didnt get mine done in the end as I was really sick still but Ellie had hers and we cant fault the tattoo studio for how professional they are. While she had hers I was watching the old merc DTM cars on the GP track out the window. :thumb:

      I filled the car up ready for TF and once the lights went green got on at half way to warm the car up taking it steady. Once at the gate again we let rip and the car was absolutely fantastic the ediff blew me away and the power wow. Only negative was the brake fluid boiled within half a lap so just took it easy from then on. I did 2 and a half laps saturday then called it a night, while I got a coffee Ellie went out with Dale in Project 8 for a lap, to say she loved it was a understatement. We then headed to PK for a steak on the stone.

      Sunday TF was from 8am - 7pm. We woke up early but as we spotted fog went back to bed for a hour. We rolled up to the track about 10am and went for a lap it was greasy and foggy still. I did 1 and didnt feel comfortable at all driving in the conditions as it was so slippy, Once back to the car park it then shut till about 5pm due to the fog but opened for about 20 minutes which I managed to get out with Dale myself. Sadly I had to tell him to back off part way round as my stomach went as I was sick still, I did love it and hope to go out again with him once its dry next year. Incredible car.

      Here is the Video of my lap with him -

      Monday we went to Cocham and relaxed browsing the town and enjoy a break. Headed back to the evening of TF by sitting on the back of a Porsche on the autobahn at 150mph, Car felt so stable and didn't realise I was going that quick.

      Starting with a half lap to get a feel for the track. It was wet, monsoon wet which meant more grip than drizzle or a drying track. I cruised round enjoying the views and the track ended up doing 6.5 laps (I noticed that the fuel had gone also) Was interesting passing some exotic cars like Ferrari's then them follow you as your taking the wet lines, he came over and thanked me for showing him a better wet way to drive the ring (I am no expert, just going off what I was taught early in the year by a tutor):fish:

      Time to head home Tuesday first thing, So with a full tank of the good stuff we cruised to Dunkirk to fuel up again before heading back over on the ferry. I always stop at Auchan which is on the way to the ferry, about 3-5 miles away as its cheap fuel.

      Once in England the fun starts and the M2 was shut with me on it for a crash. We eventually got home after many hours.

      So the car..........

      Nearly 40mpg on the run to Dover at normal speeds, then about 37.5mpg on the continent, I don't think that is that bad. I didn't let the light come on as I was lapping but it was about 300 miles between fill ups and it had around 30-60 miles range left. Usually it was 37-38 ltrs to brim it. The car clicks off but you can then add another 5 ltrs after brickwall

      Lapping 15-20mpg :shame:

      I have to say the drive is fantastic, really progressive power delivery. N mode is super solid suspension so I have sent it to be softer, Pops and bangs for ever its great :lol: Saying that flick a switch and its quite and sedate. Seats are bloody comfy and hug you.

      Negatives -
      • Tank size is crap imo
      • Build quality you can see where they cut costs with a solid cheap plastic handbrake, my shoes have scuffed and marked the drivers door card they are that soft & the load holders for attaching to in the boot are not metal, thin cheap plastic so can snap easy.
      • Passenger door handle has snapped clean off, apparently known fault but reports say not covered under warranty. (I have already got them to agree it will be as the car is so new)

      Over all I am really pleased with it, does exactly what I want just need the few issues sorting. Next its in for the PPF to be re done next week then once back its off to the dealer to fix all the issues raised. They offered to collect it and drop a courtesy car off to me but I declined as I will drop the car off and collect the courtesy car after reports of dealers ragging cars :angry:

      Few pics -


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        Here is a video from the trip


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          Love the i30N, wasn't until recently I started to appreciated Korean cars. Looks great in white!

          Totally does not look out of place on the ring


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            In the meanwhile I dropped the car off to get ceramic coated. I explained about the handle and strip, also the ppf.

            I have know Kev for a long time and trust his work. I gave him a few things to fit and requested a de-badge on the back as I hadn't done this as I hadn't had the car back from the dealer.

            He cleaned the car and then gave it a full inspection sending me pictures of what is wrong and what he is doing.

            "Hello Kev.
            Just done a visual inspection on your i30.
            There was a small dent in the n/s front door, dent man has all ready been and done it.
            There is some staining and minor chips on your o/s/f brake calliper which I can sort.
            There’s some etching (possibly bird droppings) to the n/s/f door and roof which I can sort.
            The bits that I have found which I can’t do, a small bubble in the bumper ppf which has muck in it and there is a mark in the n/s/r door scraper moulding"

            I knew about the ppf, wasnt happy but tough but the rest Kev can sort.

            I then got this later on and knew it was in the right place. I cant wait to collect it next week.

            Few more can be found on his Instagram -


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              So while I went to Spa for a track day, I left my car with intimate detail to be ceramic coated.

              He also added a few bits I had but left off until warranty work had been done.

              Side skirt badges fitted -

              Black Front and Rear badges fitted -

              Also removed the 'Hyundai' & 'i30' badges -

              Had the calipers etc coated also -

              Then the finished item -

              Totally made up with it now, It will also make cleaning it all alot easier in the future as the crap just rinses off.

              Just hit 3000 miles in and really enjoying it. Roll on Oulton Park when I can test it a little more.


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                No real updates

                hit 4000 miles today on the way to work. Finally had a email to say that my trim is in, only 2 months of waiting. Have given them a week where I can give them the car to do the work, they are giving me another car to use while they trim and handle they damaged last time.

                Going to mention the utterly annoying rattle on the headlining next to my head and now and then the light level for the dash randomly goes to max so its super bright.

                Only loss is a side skirt sticker has come off so ordered metal ones with the super bond glue to be fitted in nice weather.

                I still love it and find it a great car.

                Warranty work completed.

                Replaced the door handle section that broke and then they damaged when they originally replaced it. They also replaced the window trip that was never picked up on the PDI.

                Other than that I've booked it in elsewhere for a brake fluid change to Motul RPF6600 in 2 weeks time and then if the brakes are no better its back to get new discs and pads at the dealer as i am getting a judder but they couldn't find a issue (well they did when they came out with me but doing the fluid change first)

                Otherwise rinsed the salt off on the way back from the dealers, ceramic coats doing its things and its twin arrives next week.

                My father in law liked it so much hes bought the same car in the same colour :lol:


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                  These things are pretty rad. They sound badass too.

                  I might work at a dealer ship


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                    Originally posted by Parptarf View Post
                    These things are pretty rad. They sound badass too.

                    I might work at a dealer ship
                    IF you do can you sort my awful brakes lol


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                      I had all the brake fluid changed to RBF6600 at Tuned UK last week as the brakes where terrible, brake hard twice you lost pedal feel. You'd have thought that Hyundai would put some decent fluid in but obviously not, how ever the first time I ever used them in anger or hard stopping was when I got onto the Nurburgring so because I hadn't pre heat cycled etc this could have caused the issues possibly? I mean the car comes with track warranty so wouldn't have thought this would be a issue myself - Please tell me if my thoughts are utter garbage?

                      I do wish I changed the lines at the same time as the fluid but didn't even think about this till it was to late & thought best not due to the warranty. The brakes are fantastic again now and bloody sharp. A lot of the vibration from braking I was getting has gone but is still present a little, maybe warped discs but for now its liveable until I visit the dealer for a service (I don't want to go back any time soon for more warranty work)

                      I did a few high speed brake tests to see if they could take it and they lapped it up with ease so that's good enough for me.

                      Hopefully this weekend this Storm Ciara goes away so I can give it a clean but Sunday if my track car isn't back looks like I will be doing a track day at Anglesey in it. Kind of want to but kind of don't as these tyres are terrible in anything but warm dry weather.


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                        March 2020 -

                        So I've just ticked over 6000 miles in the car and still totally love it. After the fluid change I did end up back at the dealer to see about the brakes. I am dealing with the manager of the dealership and to be honest he has been great. We went out and he felt the issue with the car and asked me to monitor it for a week then report back, I did and then was asked to do another week while he spoke to Hyundai UK before getting it in. I left it 2 weeks and gave a detailed report of when the car was making the issue and the manager came straight back to me saying that they are going to replace all the pads on the car as we believe the pads are glazed / cooked basically fubar (Thanks Mr Roberts for the suggestion!) Discs are not warped and fluid is new so its the only thing left.

                        Due to the Coronavirus we are waiting to get the car in once its fine to do so. Day to day the car stops fine just no hooning the back lanes which well I cant do anyway now the place is on lock down.

                        I was about to buy pads myself from Europe as the pads people love to hate (DS2500) i can get for £150 delivered for the car where standard front pads alone i was quoted £355 from Hyundai (i didnt get a price for rears as I was shocked at the front pad cost) This will save me a chunk of money at least.

                        From what I gather the standard pads are actually better than the ds2500's so happy to have them replaced foc.

                        Everything is unknown moving on due to the Coronavius so with Le Mans being moved to September and I am not able to go now as I had already booked to go to N24 the week later. We are looking to use the ferry in June to have a weekend away in France which we will go in this car. IF track days go ahead I am looking at Donnington Park in November to give it a bit of a hoon but otherwise nothing much else to report thankfully.


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                          Time to update this.

                          So Due to Corona the dealer closed so I was unable to get the pads changed. I couldnt wait for them to be changed as the other week the car very nearly didnt stop and the wife wont get in it now.

                          I knew the dealer opened about a month ago so emailed and called the chap i was dealing with only to get no response other than "He's doing 2 peoples job and is very busy" from the woman who answered the phone. After 4 weeks I just rang and booked it in saying to speak to the manager as its a warranty issue which I wont be paying for as I have emails to show this.

                          Arranged for me to wait as its only a few hour job - Job done.

                          Phone call yesterday to check i was ok for the appointment and again agreed I'd be waiting - "Not a problem sir"

                          Arrive at the dealer for 8am to be greeted by the manager, handed my keys over and said ill be over there waiting as agreed. "Sorry you cant stay here, I'm unsure to why they agreed that as they have been advising you cant for the last 5 weeks"

                          In the end I got a chair in the far corner of the dealership to wait, I had work to do so wasnt bothered. I did ask if they could update my maps etc as i know a update has been released to be told its a few hour job so couldn't today (It's 20 minutes with a SD card so ill do it myself brickwall)

                          This point my car cameback from a road test so it was done. I was asked to sit back where i was and they would call me over once completed.

                          1hour later of seeing my car sat in the same space I got my stuff went over and they said it was done...............

                          Apparently NO issues found with the old pads, braking system nothing but they have changed front and rear pads (Over £500 just for pads) and see how I get on.

                          Straight away I could feel a difference and they work perfect again. I will monitor and see how they get on.

                          EBC did offer me a free set of brake pads to change my opinion of their products the other week. Then when I said I have a i30n they couldn't send me any of the pads they wanted making as they dont do them for my car :lol:

                          Car is in dire need of a clean with this house move its been neglected and caked it dirt but at least i've only used 1 tank of fuel since March :lol:

                          I have ordered some brake cooling ducts from Audi (S3 ones fit and work well a friend advised who uses his on the Nurburgring) Other wise babyseat is the only other mod!

                          We had funny looks on the New drive last week, I'm not sure why ..........


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                            Great looking car and must say I rather enjoy reading your updates, so keep them coming!


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                              Nothing to update really.

                              The other week my wife borrowed the car to go to work for a meeting as it had sat on the drive for over a month, thought it would be nice to give it a run. She came home and said she will never drive it in the wet / cold / damp again the tyres are terrible (Which I have said since day 1)

                              I bit the bullet and ordered 4 x 235/35 R19 91Y Pilot Sport 4S as I have PS4's on our other car and really liked them. I went for the S rather than plan PS4 as they are better on fuel apparently (thats what the sticker said) with no other compromises.

                              Chap came yesterday and fitted them for me and I've kept the Pzeros that where on the car as I've put them for sale cheap (have 5mm left on them so worth it to someone)

                              Only issue is the tyre chap decided to make my wheels weigh less by marking everyone of them..............

                              Now these wheels are a utter farce, diamond cut made from cheese. I'd love to buy another set of wheels but we will see if something can be done to fix it - headache for another day.

                              Went for a small drive today to the shop for baby milk and straight away less noise, much better ride quality and GRIP!

                              I've also bought a purple powerflex bush for the lower engine mount which i will fit soon once my new jack arrives!