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    Well drove to the in laws the next day to help pack as they move house tomorrow. The car should have had these tyres from factory WOW. Before I wouldn't dare put my foot down on some of the country roads to their house, today in the rain I was flat to the floor they are bloody good. Brakes went funny again though which is sub optimal. I think the pads are great for standard driving but for track you'd need to condition them and get some moderate heat before hammering them.

    I now really want to take it on track and would feel confident where as before I wouldn't dare to do it.

    Depending on the world and if events are cancelled that I've booked currently I have my eye on one in September

    Le Mans.................

    I can stay at my old house there with the buyers as they are family friends and be good to see them and the changes.


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      Well drove to the shops fine today, got in to go home and this noise started mainly turning right.

      Thought top mounts but thinking more rack now as they are known for having a few issues with them brickwall

      I went to for a local drive this afternoon to see if it went with being used as its sat for a little but nope still there no changes.

      Going to speak to the dealer tomorrow to see if they are open to book it in for warranty work but hopefully its nothing sinister. IF its rack they usually re lube it and see if that works, if not its a new rack (yay............) I am also going to get them to look at the top mounts at the same time just to rule them out.****

      Video of said noise you cant really miss it.


      In the end i plastered the top mounts with wd40............... Noise gone. I'll raise this at the next service to get them greased hopefully nothing more from this


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        Few months have passed car hasn't been used massively, Wife has driven it more than me take it to work for a run every now and then.

        Before I had the car I bought a LED kit for in the car so that's now finally fitted and made a massive difference and can see what your doing once dark.

        Few weeks back I finally fitted my RS3 brake ducts to the wishbones. Really simple job and clip straight on.

        Then earlier in the week I booked a evening session at Donnington Park. Rather than take my Track car I thought I'd take the N to get some confidence back in it and see what it could do after the brake issues I'd been having.

        I arrived and it was dry averaging 45mpg on the drive over. After about 3/4 laps the heavens opened and made things interesting. I was blown away at how good the PS4S's are just grip throughout and no issues. With the brakes I found if I braked and just pushed harder the better they worked. Example if I wanted to scrub a bit of speed then back off the brake to then brake hard again it would be as if the brakes dont want to work. Again I've put this down to the pads but if I go for one braking motion so to speak they work pretty well (if that makes any sense?)

        I found I had to change the way I drove on track, using the torque of the turbo to pull me out of corners as I'm used to N/A on track but over all I was really blown away by how good it was.

        Part way though the night I ended up behind a friend in a megane powered clio around 300bhp. We had some great laps and on the straights I was just pulling away. Once in the pits we came to the conclusion that its from better grip / drive out the corners I could get on the power sooner, In the dry I'd have no hope I concluded but it was all fun lapping :lol:

        The fuel light came on just before the chequered flag came out and logged 9mpg on track :shock::lol: Thankfully I know it has a drinking issue so took a jerry can full of fuel as back up and that got me home.

        Some shots on track -

        In conclusion I'd like to do more track days in the car but high powered / bigger tracks like Spa, Silverstone etc where as the smaller ones I will use my Swift. Brakes wise I think I will change the front pads myself & trying to see if a company based at the ring will ship to the UK as they have developed some great pads for road / track work at a really good price.

        See Link to pads

        After the M6 being closed took a lot longer to get home than normal. I cleaned the car finally yesterday as it was disgusting and noticed a few more issues with the PPF I had fitted 18 months ago. Dirt under all the edges etc.

        I popped around the corner my detailing chap and he said its lifting which is why its getting dirt and also its dull / discoloured. I'm glad he also spotted this as I thought the same.

        I drove down to the company who did it as its hard to picture and didn't want them to think I was being stupid and they spotted it straight away. They captured what they could and I'll await next week about a warranty claim. They did say it wasn't lifting and tried to blame me for using a jet wash etc but I called bulls**t and quoted the cleaning instructions they game me. They tried to feed be more bullstats about the coverage on certain areas and they got shot down, soon realised that I wasn't having the wool pulled over my eyes so just said we will call me next week.

        See what happens but I've not liked the work since fitting probably have to argue over it but that's for another day.


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          So back in June the car went back to Hyundai as the paint was coming off a front calliper. They said its covered under warranty so once in they will call me. No bother for me thought hopefully they can put them to one side till my service in September.

          Get a phone call while on holiday start of September to say they will be another 2 weeks so not able to fit them at my service the week after the call. After 20 minutes asking the service woman if I can move my service by a few weeks to then get the brakes done at the same time as the service she finally understood what I was trying to do (she was a few slices short of a full cake I think brickwall )

          Rocked up yesterday dropped the car off and got a i10 to use for the day, I just drive the 50 minutes home from the dealer and then drive it back. I had a call late afternoon so went back later on to be to told the price was over £50 more than quoted and they charged me for brake fluid in the service even though they where changing it due to the callipers being replaced under warranty. After a few puzzled faces they removed the cost and charged me what I agreed to. Sadly they didn't give me any of the health check information and couldn't explain why not, also didnt do any of the updates on the car as requested or stamp the service book :angry:

          The latter 2 didn't notice till I got home but its on the system and ill get the book sorted next visit (hopefully September 2022 for the next service!)

          Once I got home I fitted my pipercross filter which is warranty approved

          Sadly yet again it proves the dealer network for Hyundai is inconsistent & poor. More used to dealing with non hot hatch cars and people who don't care about cars it gets them from A to B.

          So to compensate this I made a purchase.

          RPM front Flexi

          This part of the I30n is most restrictive so with this pipe it opens it up 20mm to 76mm or 3" and gives 8-12 bhp alone with no issues. This is off a car which had been sold and only done around 2k so like new and was under half the price of new.

          It can go in my pile of parts to fit i am slowly gathering.

          PPF is finally at the place and booked in for 2 weeks time then off to add a lip spoiler I have also bought from Autoid -

          Nothing mad just subtle.

          Its done 3867 miles in the last year thanks to covid :lol: I do have a place booked at spa in November currently but pending work holiday so we will see!


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            Love these things, I bought a Cerato GT, I really wanted an N but couldn't justify the price as it being just a basic Daily driver for me.


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              Long story short.

              Installers of the pff called to say they are no longer doing it as they have been removed from Premium shields books and I now need to speak to Premium shield to sort.

              After a few weeks of trying to get somewhere I get sent to another company to install the new ppf and was advised Premium Shield will re print / cut it all getting it to the new installer.

              Drop the car off last Tuesday for fitting Wednesday happy days

              Thursday morning get a call "Where is the ppf Mr G as Premium shield have said you have it"

              Turns out they where not re cutting it so I had to drive to get it from Installer 1 and drop it off to the new installer which really pi**ed me off as neither are really that close or have large delays yet again.

              Friday morning went to collect it and they ask to show me something. The first installer despite telling me the bonnet was a stretch as they didn't measure it right had cut it on the car and have scored all down under the bonnet FFS

              Also Premium Shield are blaming me for the way I maintain the car even though I use the products they told me to use and only them............

              Speaking with the new installers who I have known for many years it that installer number 1 didn't use the Premium Shield product and substituted the film for another which caused the failure as its totally different to what's gone on. :angry:

              I now leave the car for 2 weeks now no cleaning then take it back to check it before its off to be re ceramic coated at my usual chap. He is fitting my lip spoiler at the same time as I really don't fancy doing it myself.

              I am now looking at new brake pads as I will be doing Spa and Le Mans back to back next year so time to upgrade a few bits which I am really looking forward to doing Still love the car when I use it and even though I did look to sell it a few weeks ago nothing else took my fancy!