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Ke70, 3sge beams and dirty Nissan irs

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  • Ke70, 3sge beams and dirty Nissan irs

    Heya folks.

    Feel free to slip the long story if you arnt the type for off-topic ramblings lol.

    So I bought my little ke70 back in like 2008 in Brissy. I had an ae86 at the time, but got greedy. Lol.

    Anywho, made the disastrous decision to move to Tasmania in about 2010.... needed a change from big cities and needed to start getting in with life. So moved to tas and got an adult apprenticeship as a metal fabricator / hygienic stainless welder.

    Everything was Apple's, but I eventually got sick around 2012. Battled on for a while, then in 2014 i ahd a severe reaction to a medicaiton that left me in hospital for 6 months.

    I now have a life long autoimmune disease and have been left a permamnat disability pensioner at 40.

    But through it all, my little ke70 sat there patiently while I learnt to walk again, and rehabed to some capacity to start playing.

    I had grand plans as we all do but facing reality, this car is being built on the tightest of budgets. The whole idea behind the irs rear end was it's a shittone cheaper for me to do this than a decent Toyota live axle lol. And it gave me something to do with my brain and my hands.

    Anyways, on with some more detial. 1982 ke70 with a smidge over 100k on her. Auto and 4k wonder. She has a full compliment of watanabe wheels, 8.5 front and 9.5 rear (for all that 4k goodness and grunt ) hsd front coilovers, 3t big brakes, and the ugliest 80s seats I could find.... some retrimmed r32 gtr seats. Seriously someone paid for that.

    The old girl has been on the rotisserie for about 3 years now. I couldn't get under the car well cos of my injuries, so it was the easiest way to work on her.

    I have a modified chromemolly rear s15 suspension cradle, narrowed 100mm but maintaining all arm lengths for appropriate geometry. S13 hubs and such allow me to keep the wheels and narrowrd so i could keep the wheels ( seeing a pattern lol)

    Engine is a bastardised 3sge beams.

    For reasons, I ended up with a single vvti gen 4 beams, fwd. Not the easy to fit rwd one lol. But I've been making do as best I can with what I have.

    I've fitted the rwd sump, made my own alt bracket (today's job) made my own quads adaptor, modified the shifter position in the 6speed to suit, (100mm forward) and I'm in the process of dodging up the water path to use a combination of rwd and fwd inlets and outlets. I could have used the stock rwd stuff, but I would have had to replace headgaskets for the revised water path and I don't have the budget lol. So dodged it is.

    I'm trying desperately to get the car running by early next year for my young lad starts full time school and my wife is studying. So I need a way to get around and pic Leo up from school and get myself to doctors appointments etc. So a lot of what I'm doing is gonna be #not the done thing. But needs must hey ?

    I'll through a bunch of random pics up, I'll try and keep em in some sort of order, but you should be able to keep up lol.

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    So I'm having dramas uploading pics... Will try again shortly


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        Today's adventures involved recreating the rear water outlet to something useable in rwd format...


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          Hi man, sorry to read about your health trials and tribulations, life can be a real b1tch sometimes...

          Glad though you have your wee KE70 project to keep you going, looks like a fun and fascinating project for sure. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it!


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            Thanks mate.

            Yesterday for some reason I figured I'd have a look at how hard the clutch pedal install will be

            Originanlky she was auto, and I had a t18 pedal box for a few years .... but the thought of pulling the dash has put it in the too hard basket lol.

            But as of yesterday.... I have a clutch pedal.

            Still needs some finishing off a d a new master... but the hard part is done.

            Surprisingly easy with the car upside down lol


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              Trying to sort pics out...



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                Still suck at pics lol.

                Anyways, the new sump is all but finished. Need to zap the bolt tubes and trim, but it's basically sorted.

                Can anyone help lol, everytime I try and upload a pic, it says I only have 460kb left ? #shrugs