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Building a better and safer Cuore 2001

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  • Building a better and safer Cuore 2001

    Project: Building a better and safer 2001 Cuore 1.0

    We have had this car since 02/2007 and it has been reliable (arguably bullet proof), incredibly fun to drive, efficient (so economical) and easy for the missus to handle. With fuel prices hitting $1.75/L and after a recent service to replace a rocker cover and some rear tyres (only found this out as it was in the shop that wire was poking out and an egg was on one of the tyres and mechanic didn’t want it leaving the shop with those tyres on) we were also advised the suspension needs replacing in the near future.

    The car has been to the mechanics ~6 times for things I could not isolate or fix, also battery replaced twice via RACQ call out and to a tyre shop twice in 12 years as I have done the fluids and brake pads once and is has been incredibly reliable. After such an impressive record I thought long and hard (sell and get something else or keep) and have decided to keep and are going to invest time and effort on this unit, spending 2-3K+ on improving the rolling chassis to significantly improve the handling, braking, grip and overall safety. I plan to keep it looking stock (for now) as we have a carport near the road and I don’t want it to become a magnet.

    Basic specifications

    Engine: EJ-DE 989CC
    Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
    Build Date: DEC 01
    Colour: S07 Trim: GFS6
    Horsepower / Kilowatts: 54.3 HP / 40.5 KW @ 5200rpm
    Torque: 65 lb-ft or 88 nm @ 3600rpm
    Drive-type: FWD
    Wheels: stock
    Tyres:Rears; Kuhmo KH17 155/65R13 (31.03.17), Fronts; Continental ContiEcoContact 155/65R13 (14.01.20)

    Scope: it is intended this build will consist of 4 phases including;
    • 1. Suspension,
    • 2. Brakes (calipers, rotors, lines),
    • 3. Review of tyres, and
    • 4. General maintenance and creating a maintenance spreadsheet/schedule
    I want performance suspension to significantly improve the handling and the ride that will hopefully last at least 5+years for normal driving conditions. So far advice has been for this kit;
    - BC Racing Coilover Suspension Kit (V1 Design VM Series) $1299 "it is advised you call through to determine the right model for your specific car as website searches were presenting a different model (V1 VN) than what is more suitable"

    What are others thoughts on that kit or should I consider another solution like some KYB (Excel-G) struts all around, some new springs and getting a front sway bar?


    Calipers; Reviewing other builds, projects and or worklogs it became apparent many are changing the calipers to either Sirion GTvi or Copen and although the reasons weren’t specific I assume it is due to these factors;
    - Both are Daihatsu and will bolt straight on,
    - Both cars have more engine power, and
    - Copen also has less weight thus greater power/weight ratio.

    Rotors; I have also noted that DBA T2s have been a rotor of choice. It seems with the Sirion GTvi caliper and DBA T2s (DBA495S?) can be used with the stock wheels?!?
    Whereas with the Copen caliper this will only fit with 15” rims? Then use DBA T2 DBA498S and thus require whole new wheel/tyre swap out?

    Brake lines; HEL seems to be the go ($168) but I found IMP High Performance Brake line kit on ebay for $100 but they seem to be some generic mob as I can’t find a dedicated website for them

    Tyres: I only just bought a pair and I don’t go to hard but I do want to have the best grip within reason. I assume some more open rims would allow greater airflow to brakes and improve the braking potential, also with larger wheels there would be an increase in ‘choice of tyres’ as 155/65R13 gives very limited options?

    General maintenance: to get on top of all of those things that have been neglected for years, like;
    • Engine bay clean up,
    • Radiator flush out,
    • Full brake bleed,
    • Change gearbox oil,
    • Change air filter,
    • Etc, etc.
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    Just posting to say this project is still ongoing I was finding it difficult not to write the thread without links as part of the description but will work on an abridged version (no links). The fully detailed thread is over where I started;

    In summary all of the gear has arrived for phases 1 + 2 of the project;
    • BC Racing Coilover Suspension Kit,
    Brakes (calipers, pads, rotors and lines)
    • sourced Sirion calipers and refurb. (Larger calipers),
    • Dixcel EC brake pads (decent brake pads),
    • DBA495S (Larger, vented and slotted rotors), and
    • HEL Braided Brake Lines (increase Line Pressure potential)
    But then as I only have on outside work space (car port and driveway) the rains that came smashing down in early Feb halted all works and then I got a summer flu which smashed me for the last week. Hope to get a start and completition this Monday.
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