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2013 Veloster turbo.

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    I'll do the whole bushing kit on the car when I have saved up some more pennies, this was an obvious one if the engine was coming out


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      I highly suggest they all remain rubber, if you want comfort.
      If you want better traction, replace only the FRONT mount, with a 60A one.
      This will keep the wheels down, without transmitting mass vibes to the cabin.


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        Noted, I'll probably replace them all with fresh rubber since it is getting towards 8 years old.


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          It IS worthwhile having a firmer front mount, because the traction in a FWD is indescribable; it's just SO much better.
          But you WILL notice more vibes in the car.

          I guess for the sake of a couple of hundred bucks, it's worth trying.
          You'll get at least 50% back 2nd hand if it's too rough for ya


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            I will be getting the engine balanced a bit better too it's not the best now.


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              Originally posted by Meaker View Post
              I will be getting the engine balanced a bit better too it's not the best now.
              That's actually a really fun task to DIY, I did it to my EJ20.

              You just need some penny scales, so you can write down the weight of each 'combo' of parts, then shave off metal from excess casting marks, or logos, places where you KNOW you're not affecting strength.
              Part of a bolt head is also a good place to attack.
              Through swapping rods\piston combos, and some light dremel, it's super easy and safe to balance an assembly.

              So much fun doing the 'safe' stuff to your own build. More DIY the better

              Nobody balances them rotating anymore, the cost is too great.
              Only the Crank might need to be sent away, if you want that balanced.


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                Downpipe is here


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                  BOV and boost control solenoid


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                    I usually dislike pre-fabbed parts, but assuming that down pipe is thick enough walled steel, that's quite OK lookin. Tiny flex join and an actual Cat still... very nice.