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Hoodedreeper's K11 Micra v3

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  • Hoodedreeper's K11 Micra v3

    Déjà vu...

    My very first car was a green 1.0L pre-facelift K11. I had the bumpers and bootlid smoothed, badboy bonnet, Cobra bucket seats and a set of 15" alloys. All was well until an RTC ended its life. Here's a photo of it in its prime

    I then moved on red 1.3L facelift which I owned for 5 years. This was my first 'full' build, the parts list is faar too long to list. In the end the clutch needed changing,cross member replacing and it needed a respray. Approaching 21 I wanted something quicker, thats when my attention turned to MX5s.

    The car received two magazine features, Total Nissan and Banzai Magazine

    Me and Lu (my other half) were chatting awhile back, talking about how much we missed the red Micra, how we wanted a car that we could (ab)use and not worry about getting scratched or dented.

    We found this 2002 Facelift Facelift K11, 998cc with a whopping 58bhp of untamed power (sarcasm). Being a Vibe trim its extremely basic, I'm not even bothered about the manual windows, tin top roof, no AC or anything else

    Overall its in pretty decent condition for 65k miles. The odd scrape, dent and mark. Some attention will be needed on the N/S RR arch as it's bubbling and heading towards the sill corner. The sills themselves and cross member are very clean which is a bonus. Although don't let the photos mislead you, the car is very pink

    It serrrriously needs lowering, mainly to reduce the horrendous body roll.

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    It had its MOT (yearly inspection) on Tuesday, failed on a tie rod end and inner sills at the rear. Luckily my garage had a spare slot on Thursday and were able to do the work.

    The clutch was changed about 6 months ago but the pedal is extremely stiff/heavy. While the car was in the garage they noticed the clutch cable is new, with it disconnected the pedal moves freely. So the clutch will need replacing sooner rather than later as I cant stand driving it like this much longer lol


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      When looking at the car the engine had a rattling noise, sounded like a pulley bearing or exhaust heat shield. I removed (more like ripped off) the downpipe shield which made zero difference. I held a screwdriver to my ear and searched around the pulley area, coming to the culprit....the alternator. Despite the pulley having very very minimal play, something isn't right inside.

      Working in a Motor Parts store, I was shocked at how expensive they are (even with my discount). Found a refurbished unit with a 2 year warranty on eBay for £67 delivered so that should be here next week.

      Hopefully after those two, it'll be plain sailing from there and the modifying can begin


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        Photos doesn't show, or at least not to me.


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          I'll have a look later on, it may be because the Flickr link has changed to a forum hosting where I copied and pasted from


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            Photo links now redone directly from Flickr, they should all be working now


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              Popped over to visit a friend and fellow K11 owner to collect some K11 March number plate lights and lowering springs. We got chatting about the car and the clutch pedal issue. She kindly adjusted the cable and suggested greasing the springs on the pedal arm. Got home from work today to do it and it's cured the problem (got a squeek but I can deal with that) While I was there I did the other 2 pedals too as the throttle pedal was a little bit stiff too.

              While the tools were out I also replaced the heater resistor so that's another thing ticked off the list.

              I've also ordered a pair of Corsa B shocks at work and Matiz rear springs are on their way from ebay, which means we can finally get it lowered! Just gotta wait for the Gizfab adjustable panhard rod before I can make a start.


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                On the previous K11 I had some DTM mirrors fitted with what seemed to be one of the very few sets of base plates in existance. Having failed at finding them again I was on the hunt for alternatives. I came across a website which had a large selection of photos of mirrors and I came across VW Golf MK3 base plates which looked very similar. A friend had some M3 style mirrors and baseplates for a Golf, a quick test fit confirmed I could do something with them to make them fit.

                Abit of cutting and drilling and these were the results. Not a 100% fit but they're pretty close

                Finding some wheels that suited the car and being cheap seemed a tricky task. Doing a search on google,Facebook and the forums I came across some examples of BMW E30 14" bottletop wheels. I managed to find some locally for a total sum of £40.00, winner! A friend is currently sand blasting them then I can get them painted. Originally we thought white, but the spoke design would make keeping them clean a nightmare. The second choice was a gun metal grey, silver may be too plain/boring.

                Also found a set of 185/55r14 locally from a friend which saved us alot of money

                With all of the parts finally arriving, it was time to finally lower the car. Alot of people tend to go with Corsa B coilovers, but I didnt like the idea of drilling/filing the top mount holes on the car. So we went for the Daewoo Matiz set up instead.

                This compromises of Mk1 Daewoo Matiz 35mm lowering springs (rear only) on front K11 shock absorbers. The rears are Corsa B KYB shocks with 're-engineered' K11 lowering springs. I've read of people complaining about the rear springs being too soft if you use the originals, thats why we went for lowering springs instead.

                I ran into some issues along the way, sadly it wasn't all plain sailing. Firstly the driver side inner CV joint popped out. Secondly the upper nuts on the rear shocks wouldn't undo due to the centre spinning in the locking grips. In the end I cut the shock to get them out, made abit of a mess in the boot (oops). The last thing was the collar from the original panhard rod was seized on the car and took alot of grinding to get it right.

                Browsing through the Facebook pages and market place and I found a universal back box made to fit the K11. Being quite impatient I drove almost 2 hours to go collect it. Being a second facelift the rear bumper doesnt really have an exhaust cut out, so the backbox sits lower than the others which made fitting it that little bit more tricky. But we got around it and my bumper cutting even surprised me!

                I also made a start on painting the chrome and faded plastics, starting with the bonnet grilles and fog light covers.


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                  Its been a busy few evenings working on the car. The lower trims and corner bump strips got painted gloss black to match the grilles and fog light covers

                  The 14" BMW Bottletop alloys finally received a coat of paint. One of them isnt the great of conditions so I'll be on the look out for another one in the future but for now it'll be fine. A friend sand blasted them for me and I used Holts Simoniz Wheel Steel paint for the colour

                  The BMW centre bore is 2mm smaller, so my options were to get them machined or use spacers. I had a pair of 3mm and 6mm spacers in the garage so I went with this route.

                  The interior has been stripped, the front door cards will stay on until the new flat aluminium ones are made

                  You may have noticed the seats have changed. We've also fitted some Almera GTi seats

                  The front two mounting holes line up spot on. The rear outer mount requires a plate welded on and a new hole drilled. The rear inner mount uses the OEM Almera bracket which needs trimming and drilling in the centre to line up with the OEM Micra mounting hole on the transmission tunnel.

                  I forgot how crap the DTM mirrors are for visibility (but they look cool). To help improve this a friend kindly donated a 5 panel wink mirror for the build. It takes some getting used to but its a vast improvement


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                    Small update

                    With the interior stripped and the sun visors replaced with the 5 panel wink mirror, it got quite dangerous when it came to driving during sunset. A friend helped me fit a sun strip which should solve this issue

                    I decided to make a DIY front splitter made from garden edging, the idea came from a Mighty Car Mods video. Originally it was riveted on but the bottom edge was too wavvy. So I made some aluminium plates to go behind to give it some rigidity, for it to still be wavvy. **** it it can stay like it lol

                    In the end I had to use stainless M6 bolts because the holes opened up too much for replacement rivets

                    I was on the search for some MG/Rover side skirts to modify to fit, mainly because I knew what they looked like on the car but the cheapest pair I could find was £65 shipped. Thats when a friend contacted me after she saw a facebook status of mine, saying don't buy any she may have some in the garage. After a search she found a pair of Civic EK skirts she said I could have for free, winner!

                    I cut about 6" off the front and kept the sweeping edge just like the original fitment on the civic. With the skirt flipped upside down, I then had a flat edge to use to mount against the sill. The passenger rear arch that has the damage now requires more work. I was tapping the sill to see where the solid metal was and my finger went through.....oops! Luckily the skirt hides the hole for now, I'm waiting for a friend to give me a quote for the arch to be cut out and another welded in its place, along with the sill.

                    With the front and sides now sitting lower, the rear bumper needs something to match. I remembered a Seat Ibiza Mk2 Facelift front splitter follows the shape/lines of the rear bumper really well, as I first discovered it on the previous car. It seems these are harder to come by nowadays but luckily my local dealer can still supply them new. That'll come a little later as I've got other things I'd like to do first

                    When I purchased the E30 bottle top alloys they only came with 2 centre caps. I managed to find 3 more for the grand sum of £20 posted, so those were sprayed and some monochrome BMW badges were fitted to finish them off. If the wheels didnt have BMW in the casting we would have gone for something else, I quite like them with the 'proper' badge.

                    Another Facebook bargain was an S13 HKB steering wheel boss for £20 posted. I wasn't planning on changing the steering wheel so soon but at that price I couldnt turn it down. I couldnt have the boss just laying around un-fitted so I borrowed a Nardi wheel from a friend's Impreza GC8 that he had spare. Its not the cleanest of wheels but it'll be fine until we buy our own

                    I couldn't find a full set of matching counter sunk bolts so i had to improvise with some normal M5 bolts


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                      Nice job on the wee machine!

                      Gives me a bit of inspiration to do something vaguely interesting with my bangernomics '03 Yaris as well....


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                        The first update in this post isnt very exciting but it's one of those little jobs that needed sorting.

                        With the Almera GTi seats fitted, the stock fuel/boot release lever wouldnt fit next to the seat. I relocated it to the opening behind the seat where the rear door card would have been and made a bracket to support it.

                        There's probably a way of mounting it nearer the front, but for now it'll do

                        With the interior stripped it was time to address the front door cards. The fabric had started to lift from the backing (its incredibly thin, I'm surprised its lasted this long). The bulky door pockets and handle didnt suit the theme of the car so something had to be done.

                        On the previous K11 build and my first MX5 I made my own carbon fibre door cards, which turned out quite well. One thing I've took forward from the MX5 version, is to reuse the top crash pad. This still makes the doors flow into the dashboard and finishes off the doorcards nicely.

                        Keeping things on a budget, I went with 1.5mm aluminium which was supplied by a friend at a very good price (2x 1200mm x 600mm sheets for £37.00). Fixings were 4mm and 4.8mm rivets (only because I ran out after doing one door, oops). Unfortunately they've suffered some damage from the file,angle grinder and rivet gun (passenger side is the worst).I'll probably cover the marks with some stickers to cover them up until I can re-do them

                        The day we got the car we talked about the route it would go, taking heavy inspiration from the previous build (not wanting a replica). We decided to go with a Kanjozuku theme, which is ironic because it struggles to get upto the national speed limit let alone any form of late night activity haha

                        The first thing was a window net, easier said than done on a budget. You can buy 'proper' mounting kits, but majority of them attach to a roll cage. Thats where I had to adapt and use inspiration from other cars whether its track, auto cross, rally or drag.

                        For starters, I ordered the net too big. I say too big, its the correct width but because the door curves quite alot towards the A pillar the top is too long. I made 3x L brackets rivetted to the door/doorcard with a hole on the other side. A piece of 6mm round bar cut to length is fed through the brackets and net and is secured on by an R clip either end. The top is alot less 'engineered' by using an elastic bungee cord. I cut down a P clip and mounted it in the middle, this stopped the bungee cord sagging in the middle

                        The rear received similar treatment with a TRS helmet net I had saved from the last car. I bolted 40mm D-Rings to where the door cards would have been which gave the anchor points for the net. The rest is pretty self explanitory

                        Lastly for this update is splitting and painting the headlights

                        With the headlights removed it was time to split them. Alot of people use the oven but I went with a heat gun instead, mainly because I have a little bit more control With the glass lenses removed the insert popped off and the orange indicator lens was removed too.

                        Its made such a difference to the overall appearance, its definately a must do modification for all K11s

                        Just need to paint the badge on the bonnet now and the front end is pretty much done. What about some canards? lol

                        I've got some chrome bulbs on order to get rid of the orange completely


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                          Here's quite a large update

                          Gizfab X Brace installed

                          Another item from Gizfab was one of their Devil Wings. This was something I wanted to fit as soon as we got the car and would help with the Kanjo look.

                          Browsing FB marketplace and eBay every day for a new steering wheel started to get tedious. I ended up posting a FB status and a friend messaged me saying he's got a 300mm OMP wheel for sale. Although it's slightly smaller than I was looking for, its quite nice to drive with. Also managed to get some rev counter clocks so installed those at the same time

                          I had a pair of K11 March number plate lights hiding in my garage for awhile so it was time to fit them. The original boot handle holes will get welded when the NSR arch gets repaired, for now some tape will do

                          You may have spotted the new rear lip. After struggling to find a Seat Ibiza splitter to copy the last K11, I needed to find an alternative. A friend breaks and builds Volvos and he had a 940 lip spare. Some chopping about later and it fits surprisingly well

                          Filled the passenger door card with some stickers to cover up the damage

                          I noticed the boot spoiler had started to catch on the roof, despite no signs of catching when we originally fitted it.

                          I measured up the overall length of the gas struts and searched through a supplier's book at work to see what would fit. It seems K12 struts are 50mm shorter and should do the job.

                          Theres less head room now with the boot opened, but the spoiler no longer catches, thats something I can live with

                          Another item on my to-do list was to change the tail lights. Alot of people tend to fit the March prefacelift or cabriolet lights. I was very close to buying some cabriolet until I saw a photo of some Kouki March lights which had been split, inner coloured lenses removed making them red and clear.

                          I spoke to Andrew from Micra Mafia on Facebook who had stock of the stock kouki lights and placed an order. While I was waiting for them to arrive I ordered some chrome bulbs. Although now having them fitted, I think i'll need to order some LED stop/tail as the tail light element isn't very bright


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                            A few updates rolled into one

                            I'll start with the most obvious one from the first photo...the kanjo door boards. This was one of the things I wanted to tie in the kanjozoku style and it happened to be one of the last things lol. You'll usually see the osaka kanjo hand or hockey mask but with the car not being a Honda I wanted something different, and who doesn't love Mighty Car Mods?!

                            The next change was an experiment. I had seen on Facebook some posts from a page called KBMER who are graffiti artists. The first post was of a blue 350Z painted in an Initial D style and it really caught my eye. A few more cars followed including an NB Miata, Civic and an RX7 FC, these guys feature darker patches for shadows/shading and made it look more realistic.

                            My issue was, I didn't want to commit to painting the car incase I didnt like it. So i purchased some 12mm pin strip vinyl from work and gave it a go. I posted the photos on Social Media and the comments were very positive with a few suggestions.

                            I left the pin strip on the car to see what it would look like with the door boards and I think I can pull it off

                            KBMBER uses ink markers to create the lines and the whole car is then clear coated. Again, clear coating the car is a large task for a drive way build, plus theres no going back. I'll stick with the vinyl for now and see how it goes.

                            Norfolk based company Wylde Wraps UK supplied and fitted the door boards, while the car was there they also vinyl wrapped the roof gloss black. This is the reason why the Gizfab spoiler was painted black and not colour coded

                            The last big change was the fitting of some aerocatches that I borrowed from my old MX5 carbon bonnet. The bonnet took quite alot of cutting just to gain enough access to fit them, its not the prettiest of jobs but the car is far from perfect haha. No real reason to why I fitted them, more because I had them laying about and I was bored


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                              I got round to finishing the pin stripe and it looks much better now its all the same IMO. I had to re-do most of the passenger side as I wasn't happy with it. Dont get me wrong, this is far from perfect and I'm sure its gonna lift in places over time but its a cheap mod for the time being

                              An engine swap was always on the cards, sadly nothing extravagant as an SR20 or GA16 but the CG13 or CGA13 from the K11. Fitting a CG13 1.3 Distributor wasnt straight forward as it'll have to be a mix and match of both engines (1.0 coilpack head, 1.3 distributor bottom end and a mixture of the timing chains from what I can gather).

                              I held out for a CGA13 1.4 from the later coilpack models as it'd be a direct swap. Luckily a friend was breaking her car due to the CVT box going wrong. Spent one Sunday removing the engine and stripping the car while we had the hoist and it was ready to come home.

                              The following Wednesday I got the block stripped down minus the crankshaft pulley and idler pulley (they've been removed since) ready to be wire brushed,cleaned and painted.

                              The rocker cover was removed to check the condition of the top end and it's pretty clean considering its got 105k. The car was originally a 1 lady owner who had a Nissan Service pack on so its been looked after

                              The sump was recently removed so I could clean the oil pick up and check everything was good. Took awhile to remove the original sealant but some fresh VHT RTV was applied and the sump bolted back on.

                              I've done a whole heap of work but didn't want to bombard the thread with boring photos, including some upgrades But you'll have to wait for the next update to find out
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