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    A bit more progress for now...
    Clutch pedal and master cylinder are in, as well as a few bits and peices also taken care of.
    Im trying more as i go to word my updates for anyone who is skeptical as to wether they should try their own auto>manual / CA18>SR20 conversion. Theres little bits and peices here and there i wish i knew about earlier so ill try cover those throughout the thread.

    The brake pedal on the auto s13 has a colossal foot pad, this had to be cut shorter for the cluch bedal to fit beside it. Here is the clutch pedal (left) next to the modded brake pedal. Getting a manual brake pedal isnt a nesseccity, however it does leave a bit more space between the clutch and brake foot pads, even with the auto brake pedal cut short its still a somewhat tight fit.

    Nissan was kind enough to leave a spacer for the clutch pedal in the s13 automatics, this came in handy when boring out the firewall. Appropriate sized holes were drilled out then cleaned up with a conical file. This is what they look like before being smoothed out...

    It took me a while to figure out why the pedal studs would not reach the engine bay... I then realised that the s14 (pedal donor), rather then have a spacer welded to the car, had it welded to the pedal assembly, so this had to be removed. Can be seen in this picture. (reffer to first picture for modded pedal(s))

    The fresh holes through the firewall were primed and painted to prevent any rust from developing. Here is the master cylender dummy fitted before that little section of engine bay was given back its blaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Also around this time i decided to clean the engine bay as much as i could while it was all accessable.

    Another issue reguarding the clutch pedal was a plastic box hidden up high behind the dashboard. Slightly smaller then a packet of smokes (i dont smoke btw.) this box was bolted in place with the same threads that would otherwise bolt the top of the pedal to the car. I quickly went on the interwebs to find its purpose. The "cont assy" as it was labeled supposedly controls central locking and power windows, and in some s13s an alarm system, so it was obviously there to stay. Alot of people dont know what to do with this box when doing a manual conversion as there isnt that much room left for it to fit around the pedals. I had the cluster out and fed the wires upwards behind the dashboard and plugged the cont assy back in up there kinda resting snuggly on the plastic air vents above/behind the centre console if that makes sense to anyone who wanted to know (forgot to get picture sorry), but yeah anyway theres plently of room up there for it. The clutch pedal can then be pushed up into the little spacers.

    The threads for the cont assy line up to the clutch pedal so just use the bolt that was taken from there to keep that pedal nice and secure. Seeing the silvia with 3 pedals in the footwell made me happy. (Keep in mind that using an s13 clutch pedal and manual brake pedal will space the footpads out a bit further apart, im just saving money by modding the auto brake pedal and using the s14 clutch pedal which was free from a very kind s13 owner in Penrith)

    While the pedals are going in its also a good time to go around and make any interior mods as there are going to be alot of stray connectors and wiring going from auto to manual, a few switches and buttons suddenly become useless to. I cleared a few spaces for things like a horn button and a remote reverse light switch. Cant find a reverse gear sensor so im going to have to have remote controled reverse lights, i also want to remove the centre button on the steering wheel for toughness.
    Now I do have a passionate hate for working with inrerior plastics, but I more then compensated for that with a very clean, organised working space...

    While sunlight escaped me I decided to address the absence of a gear knob... A golf ball had always appealed to me as an ergonomic yet characteristic knob. A golf ball was then drilled and tapped, just because i can.

    More updates comming soon.
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      Next update.

      Last of what had to come out was the propshaft, pretty straightforward it just had 6 bolts to undo, 2 under the brace and 4 at the diff (still an open diff unfortunately). The sr20 shaft has a smaller spline thing that goes into the gearbox, but they ALMOST look as if both would work, propshaft was pretty much free anyway so it doesnt matter. (ca18 shaft above, sr20 below.)

      Correct shaft in the car, now im considering that it might be easier to put it in after the gearbox is in the car... hmm, it was a bit fiddly getting the ca18 off it while it was bolted up... might take it back off for now, but maybe not i dont know, well what matters is it fits up there snuggly.

      Bellhousing got a clean and grew a throwout bearing/clutch fork. A MASSIVE boo was that the dust boot fouled the slave cylinder, it was a cheap aftermarket boot with those long flexible ribs, when the slave cylinder pushed forward the ribs would bend up and knock the pushrod off the clutch fork, waiting for a an oem boot to arrive, one of those nice simple rubber rectangle without all these bends and ribs in it.

      Time to reunite the gearbox with the engine, didnt want to pay like $60 for genuine bellhousing bolts from another country so i found the correct size bolts and got them from a local hardware store.

      **While trying to find the bellhousing bolt sizes on the internet i only found 2 solid answers which were both wrong (highport and lowport sr20's use different bolts???) but for future reference for anyone who wants ill post the sizes and a map of where they go (all different lengths/sizes) on request... just say so in a comment or something.**

      With a bit of balancing on the jack the input shaft went through with considerable ease compared to the last 2 or 3 times ive matched a gearbox and engine, maybe because this time neither were suspended by chains or bodily appendages?

      And here they are reunited once again, once together the starter motor and its seperate loom could be bolted up and plugged in. Now just waiting for the clutch fork boot before it can drop into the silvia. (I did confirm beforehand that i can actually get the boot on without a hand in the bellhousing. Just saiyan.)

      Also will have a steering wheel sometime next week, refer to page 1 for the abomination that came with the car **barf**.
      Anyway enjoy.


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        Nice work mate! Serious amount of work going into this car. Good on ya!

        This reminds me of when I did my manual conversion on my magna. Thankfully I didn't have to remove the engine but that didn't make it any easier. I didn't have an engine crane like you do so it was so hard to get access and line up that gearbox. Took me and a few mate the better part of 2 hours just to get the box on. Had to also drill a hole for the master cylinder behind the clutch pedal, install the clutch line, plus I also had to relocate a heap of gas wiring as well. I have a similar setup with a throw-out bearing - it is such a PITA to get it disengaged.

        Keep us updated - looking forward to this being finished. Should be nice
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          Very clean S13 and it will look awesome with that clean as SR in it. Keep up the good work, look forward to an update.
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            SR20 is now comfortably situated in the silvia... (despite a semi broken engine mount)... didnt get any action shots of sr20 on crane, was a bit to fiddly to muck around with a camera and time was of the essence, factory fit so nothing that hasn't been done a million times before. Here it is sitting comfortably in its new home. Oversized radiator is tight but it fits, looks nice to.

            Heater hose port things are to small for the SR... however an off cut of CA18 heater hose can be made to sleeve into the SR20 hose which will then fit over the barb. I put the CA18 heater hoses back on the ports and cut them off at the end of the barb, with a bit of vaseline and a bit more convincing the SR heater hose sleeved over the top. Astronaut-spec heater hoses lol...

            Now I have to come back to this tomorrow, but the ca18 power steering pump does bolt into the pivot point on the sr20 bracket and the pulley does line up with the crankshaft pulley... BUT some modding needs to be done to make the belt tensioner work, so i will come back to it tomorrow and hopefully by the time I update i can share the solution, it has been proven to be possible with garage tools but i cant find a guide as to how it is done so ill have to figure it out and share it myself. For now the pumps just chilling on the sway bar. (PAS pump was left in the engine bay during conversion to save fluids and confusion.)

            The colours are exaggerated by the camera flash... but this picture makes me want a lightweight underdrive pulley kit...

            Top quality photo which was intended to show the oil sump, gearbox and propshaft all connected as a series...


            Updates again in the next few days...


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              Woah... It just looks right seeing that black top SR20 sitting in there!
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                Originally posted by KillerBunnys122 View Post
                Woah... It just looks right seeing that black top SR20 sitting in there!
                It is satisfying to look at, you would almost think the s13 was made for an RB of some description, such a long engine bay.


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                  Nice S, mate! I like it
                  VODKA VODKA BORIS YELTSIN!!!one!!!1!11ONE11!one


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                    Sooo dericious.
                    Originally posted by ADowbs
                    He lives in Australia, it's a felony for thinking about doing a motor swap, let alone actually doing one.
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                      Mooooooore progress...

                      Now I promised to share the solution for adapting the CA18 power steering pump to the SR20, and i kinda haven't... In order to get parts i have to borrow my brothers car after he gets back from school which doesn't allow much time before everything closes so i didn't get 100% around to sorting myself out...

                      Here is the pump on the SR bracket... if you look closely you can see how the cross section doesn't quite line up between the pump and the tension rod, bolt, system, thing... (I'm just improvising the terminology)... However they do still run parallel when the pump is moved around its fulcrum...
                      I remember reading that holes had to be drilled, and looking at this i cant see where they would go and what they would do whilst being able to keep the thing adjustable to tension the belt... Im just going to extend a piece of some kind of metal between where the tensioner is and where it should meet the pump if that makes sense, it will then still be fully adjustable... Well it will make perfect sense when i get around to it tomorrow anyway...

                      What I did get around to knocking off the shopping list: belts and some copper clutch line. When you ask for s13 parts around here everyone just freaks out... because nobody knows were to get them or what else works as a supplement, as well as just not stocking them. I asked for a FWD SR20 alternator belt from a pulsar SSS and it was cool, I then flipped through the parts number book with one of the guys at Autopro just in case they did have silvia belts (they didnt)... the parts numbers were actually different i think but I just went off on a limb and assumed they would essentially be the same thing (they were).

                      The factory 5MT s13 has a clutch booster between the slave and master cylinder, mine originally being an auto I don't have a picture, but its essentially extra length in the clutch lines which ultimately make the clutch easier to depress. So i just tied some shoelace around my clutch fork and cut it off at the master cylinder to get a gauge on how much clutch line i needed. The local clutch and brake shop quickly made a little length of copper hardline for me for ~$10.

                      Oh, and I used the factory soft line from the slave to tie it all together, as in didn't get the whole length of shoelace as hardline.

                      The FWD alternator belt fit fine, just in case anyone had a suspicion that it for some reason wouldn't, however i had to borrow some random belt for the PAS to see if it would fit... The SR20 PAS belt is to wide for the rails on the CA18 pump pulley, and the CA18 PAS belt is to short... So I picked some random belt that was the right width and what looked to have about an extra inch on the circumference, so ill swap that tomorrow for another compromise. **When I find the belt that fits ill post the part number and/or what the belt is actually made for.... again for future reference for anyone else doing the same conversion**

                      Here is a picture anyway, CA18 power steering pump CAN work on the SR20.

                      Blue hoses.

                      Camera flash makes me was an underdrive pulley kit...

                      Thats it for today, enjoy.


                      I found the belt that fits this power steering setup... The Bosch part number is 3PK855.
                      Not sure what its intended purpose is but it fits.
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                        Wiring SHOULD be done now... Wont know untill I connect the fuel lines and put the thermostat back in... thermostat housing was broken and i somehow missed that untill now, the fuel lines are left disconnected so i wont be tempted to test my engine wiring without coolant... Here are the connectors that were needed to add adapt the sr20 loom to the ca18 body harness.

                        And heres my wiring job all nice and insulated and plugged in... Im completely clueless when it comes to wiring and everybody seems to make a big deal about the "cas" system when doing the conversion... Where this "cas" system is supposed to be located on the pin outs is just a row of empty spaces? hmmmm, any pictures...
                        These connectors cater for power from the battery, fuel pump, ignition and the gearbox neutral switch (which Im missing for now).

                        Here is the ECU next to the body harness connector, it caters for everything around the driver side mostly, tacho, speedo, ignition start etc etc.

                        Engine bay progress... (things like the battery reflect my laziness to not do really simple things that would improve the look of the engine bay by 100000000% .)

                        aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddddd the whole car back on all 4's... ft: some nice glare...

                        Not much to say this time around as not enough progress has been made... Thermostat housing splitting into 2 pieces really wouldn't have been on the cards if it was up to me... but shyte happens...


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                          thats awesome!
                          i bought a s13 manaul thoug,
                          when i get my black ill put a black top SR20DET in it
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                            Originally posted by Miicrew View Post
                            thats awesome!
                            i bought a s13 manaul thoug,
                            when i get my black ill put a black top SR20DET in it
                            Thanks for the comment, you should start a thread for your silvia...

                            While im here ill share my progress...

                            Conversion is pretty much finished, since my last update ive turned the engine over with compression twice. New battery terminals made a massive difference in the voltage im getting through the loom, fixed the fuel pump wiring and its now priming from the ECU (I had a ground wire from my splice that bypassed the ECU initially) Ive got a healthy spark which started the engine for a few seconds with instant start fluid, fuel pressure is nice and strong upon priming and cranking, interior is somewhat back together.

                            Ive got >12v to all the appropriate sensors but im still not getting ground pulses to the injectors... its the final peice of the puzzle thats really giving me the shits. Multimeter comes out tomorrow and ill be checking all my grounds, possibly adding a few... Really keen to have it running.

                            Edit: I would post photos but I cant find any AA batteries for the camera... Ill update when the cars running and finish up the conversion writeup and move on to other things.


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                              Looks awesome dude, great job......tho looks like your brake master cylinder is leaking.....might want to look into that....the fact its damp and the paints blistered from the brake fluid gives it away :P


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                                Nice s13 mate good condition cant wait or the writeup