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  • Wheel weights databases

    As the title says...

    Anybody into the real science of going fast should have this bookmarked in my humble opinion. It's interesting what turns up when you look up stock & aftermarket rims. A nice one to look up are the Rota Slipstreams. While being bloody cheap (500-600 euro for 4 in 16") they are incredibly light and sturdy. Got them currently on my EK. Weights of all stock and aftermarket wheels. Some wheels only turn up in one of the links

    For those who don't yet understand the huge benefits of lighter wheels: The unsprung mass of your vehicle (tires,wheels,brakes, suspension & suspension arms) directly affects your handling. The lighter, the quicker the suspension can react to changes in road surfaces and cornering due to less mass having to be moved around. So other then lowering ur vehicle's weight, it will improve the handling.
    But one more important perk off light wheels are better acceleration & braking. Especially the latter one at high speeds. The heavier a wheel, the harder it is to make it spin and the more energy is stored in it.

    Many people seriously underestimate the performance gains of lighter wheels. But it will definitly improve all around without any disadvantages (other then an empty wallet, but thats part of the weight reduction).

    So, how heavy are YOUR rims?

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