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My Automotive YouTube Channel

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  • My Automotive YouTube Channel

    Hey guys what is up, Bringit96 here and well, I'd like to introduce you all to my Youtube Channel.

    But first a little bit about me.

    I've always had a huge passion for cars, mainly from my father. I'd watch Formula 1 every weekend since birth and later on I start watch old tapes such as Senna V Mansel (Oh that tasch). From there it was Need for Speed Underground 1... yes the OG NFS that opened my world of cars to mods and drag and drift races. Then the Fast and Furious films came along and soon after YouTube and a video called 'How to Zombie Proof your car'.

    A brief list of other influences follows:
    -Top Gear

    So I got my first car, then upgraded a couple years later. For a while I'd been wanting to start a YouTube channel, mainly for gaming, but with my new car I knew I could have so much fun doing something I love.

    So there it is, and here is my channel, all about cars, my car and well cars. Enjoy!


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    I commend you for starting a channel. I tend to freeze in front of the camera. Good luck with it.