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    Hey all, a while ago I posted on here about my little business, a clothing brand based in the UK that I started called STLTHY. After 4 years of running it, I found that I had diverged from what I actually wanted the brand to be (also I got really tired of people not knowing that it was actually meant to be pronounced "Stealthy" my own fault really, I thought I was being cool by removing the vowels! )

    So I decided to start again in December of 2016 going back to just designing clothing and stickers. The result was Death or Glory Apparel. I've only released a few designs so far but with more coming real soon. Worldwide shipping is available on all orders and I'm more than happy to answer any questions .

    One thing I have been working on recently is a charity collaboration project with a friend of mine to help raise money for Mission Motorsport a charity based in the UK that helps in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations by providing opportunities through Motorsport.

    My friend is putting on a charity drift day next month and I have designed some stickers that we're selling to help raise money too.

    Here are the designs on offer:

    All proceeds from the sale of these sticker designs will be donated to the charity so I hope you will help us make a small difference
    Death or Glory 死亡または栄光 Apparel
    Clothing & stickers

    Worldwide shipping available & free shipping on all orders over