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Saying goodbye to my Jetta Coupe

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  • Saying goodbye to my Jetta Coupe

    today i finished a video tribute to my late 1987 Wolfsburg Pirelli Jetta coupe. i got into a nasty crash in june of 2019, hit broadside by a big suv that ran a red light, and hit me square in the drivers door. i ended up with a fractured pelvis and scapula (shoulder blade), and a lot of glass crammed into my arm (still pulling bits out over 6 months later), and a rare little car that was bent in a U shape. i was able to salvage a few bits of her, like the engine that i'd just finished rebuilding only 4000 miles prior to the crash, the rallye wheels, coilovers, and the cool headlights. outside of that, the car was so warped that i really couldnt get anything else. so, here's a link to the video, feel free to comment here or on YT. if you folks ask for it, ill give you more pics and some history on that little Lady in Red. may she rest in pieces.
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    That's a lovely tribute to a great little car!


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