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My Youtube Channel Subscribe if you want :)

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  • My Youtube Channel Subscribe if you want :)

    Hi Everyone,

    We all start somewhere and i started 3 weeks ago with no to little experience filming, editing or youtube'ing. I do a lot of car related activities though and many people have told me i should film everything i do and put it on the internet.

    Anyway, i would appreciate any support, feedback and likes

    My channel:

    Thank you

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    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting channel. Did you think about developing a b2b strategy for your channel?


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      A major part of B2B lead generation strategies is marketing via the B2B sales funnel. This is an efficient marketing method that allows marketers to easily keep track of leads; this is because it eliminates the traditional ways of tracking. The B2B lead generation funnel uses a customer relationship management (CRM) software program to collect information about your leads by