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New Auction site - Take a look!

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  • New Auction site - Take a look!

    Hey guys,

    Just joined the forums but thought I'd share what I've been working on over lockdown (a great time to try launch a business)

    The vision for the website is to bring together all parts of the community together not just the jdm or aussie cars. The car scene here is so diverse and makes it pretty awesome.

    I don't want to concentrate just on the high end stuff either (We all love Porsches but we all can't afford them!). There's already companies doing that sort of stuff really well anyway.

    see link to the site:

    Take a look and let me know what you think. No live auctions yet but we're doing a competition for sellers where we'll pay up to an extra 1000 if your car sells too to get some interest going


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    That looks rather good and easy to use, quite like the anti-sniping feature. Is that a common feature or something quite unique to your platform?

    Best of luck with the venture!


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      Hey Kaktus,

      I think its a pretty standard thing across platforms but pretty important to keep everything fair!