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So, you want to build a guitar, do ya?

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  • new knob day

    i love knobs


    • I like those, they're not even top hats any more, they're like retrotron flying saucer knobs.


      • managed to source an allparts neck locally for a good price. Will flip that cheap dodgy one.

        Then I scored a free drill press from an old lady who doesn't want it anymore but wouldn't even let me give her $30 for it.

        Neck is finally bolted on. Nearly finished.

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        • Well, i'll give you $30 for it, send it on my way

          I've been doing some stuff but nothing really worthy of an update by itself, I'll wait til I have some progress to make another one.


          • Oops, good thing you can't see these dimples I made a mess of once the tuners are on.


            • What are those dimples from? Misaligned drilling attempts? Looks like you filled 'em afterwards so I'm curious.


              • the old pre-CBS style tuners have tabs on the underside that stop the tuner from mounting flush unless you make clearance for them.

                I like these tuners best, 28:1 ratio so they're accurate as and I also like the reverse gear. To me the normal way is reverse. These it's just a case of lefty loosey and righty tighty. Or if you're looking at your tuner you just turn it the way that the tuner tells you.

                Also they look the coolest.


                finished. could use a polish but who can be assed.

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                • Awesome stuff!

                  I've been working on a guitar for the last couple of years, purely as an on/off project. when I'm bored and have bits of cash lying around I do more work to it.

                  it's obviously based off of a tele, started life as three planks of swamp ash. planed the faces smooth by hand, routed the pickup points using a cnc router at my old college, cut the body using a band saw. The bridge holds a humbucker sized p90, the body holds a single pickup sized humbucker! the wood has 5 coats of tung oil which has been applied over the course of two years, so has a lovely rustic look. No laquer - so it's a natural finish. I love it. One day it will be finished.
                  The neck has been shaped so far, truss rod installed, fretboard glued and shaped - now need to position the frets. 25.5" scale, so standard Telecaster size.