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Best Driving Song?

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    My Favourite. Driving. Album. EVER. would have to be the Top Gun soundtrack. Very 80's, and cheesy as Hell, yes...but it makes for great driving music.


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      For me it has to be the NFS Most Wanted 2012 soundtrack
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        Kansas - Carry on my Wayward Son

        And my personal fave driving song ever:

        The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary.

        Seriously these songs are mad for long highway drives

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        shaking worse than michael j fox on a paint mixer.
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        Yeah guuize, im in bed with my missus too.. Palmela Handerson and I are having a great time.


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          in my bug i like to play music out of the time it was build (1973):
          Steppenwolf - born to be wild
          Derek and the dominos - layla
          Deep purple - smoke on the water
          Golden earing - radar love
          Elton john - crocodile rock
          black sabbath - paranoid

          and basicaly all daft punk
          and also, so my sub doesn't fall asleep:
          showtek & noisecontrollers - get loose (tiesto remix)
          rigby - earth meets water (wildstylez remix)

          and last but not least,
          het kever lied (the beetle song)
          a little song made by the dutch beetle club in 1992 and sold to mebers on cassette
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            Something that ISN'T relaxed & makes you want to sleep . haha


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              Driving Wheels - Jimmy Barnes

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                that'd be Duran Duran- Come undone.


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                  by far my favorite driving song:


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                    I don't really have a favourite, but that comes close.
                    Originally posted by Meowmeow
                    I sincerely hope whoever did this steps on a Lego.


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                      Soundtrack is Knights of Cydonia by Muse, hadn't really heard it before seeing this video. I live in a very rally-oriented area, Sweet Lamb is about 30mins drive one way, Radnor about 20mins the other, I've even managed to help setup and marshal non-WRC events on some of the stages. As a result McRae was a hero of mine.
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                          I have a few favourites right now that I cycle through but my pick of the lot at the moment would have to be NJ Legion Iced Tea by A Day to Remember.

                          My 2000 WRX Club Spec Evo 4 - Sic 'Em Rex!


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                            Linkin Park - What I've Done

                            Linkin Park - New Divide

                            Godsmack - Running Blind

                            and a good song lone drive song to let those emotions flow

                            Passenger - Let Hero go


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                              Originally posted by MRTIIDA View Post
                              At the moment I'm really living 'We'll be coming back' by Calvin Harris and Example as one of my favourite driving songs but there are so many to list from so many different genres and generations. Some good old Phil Collins isn't bad at all!

                              I'm sorry too by the way mate but I think there is a big thread about driving songs already but it's hard to find for some reason (maybe cause I'm on Tapatalk)
                              anything with Example = good Driving song, Good night time Driving song is any song by moog
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                                Reckless love - born to break your heart

                                5ive - If ya gettin' down

                                If I die young - the band perry

                                Perfectly good heart - Taylor Swift

                                Too young to fall in love - motley crue
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