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first time making some music, need thoughts and criticism

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  • first time making some music, need thoughts and criticism

    used fruity loops, still learning the ropes, i would appreciate it if you guys point out what im doing right and wrong...

    cheers guys

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    Well it sounds good, but the bits in between the piano solos could use some work.

    And i'm an FL user as well and if you want i could send you some of my work.
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      I like what you're trying to do with it, my advice would be to cut out a little reverb and spend some more time mixing your levels to try and get better clarity from everything, and also maybe throw in a few more instruments even just for tiny parts. The brilliant thing about making music with software like FL is that you can introduce a whole new instrument just for one or two notes in a part where you need it. Keep at it man, you'll get better and better the more you do!
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        cheers guys, appreciate it. still learning the roots

        this the latest one i made, would be great if you guys could have a listn to it as well



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          Thats not bad at all, I agree with the above posts but I reckon it sounds like the backing tracks they have on CSI. Just full on reminded me of that. Keep it up

          Check out my ute build here, from bogan BNS ute to mad 4x4

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            I like it. If I can give you the most useful bit of knowledge I've learned over the years, it is this: the human brain, psychologically, constantly strives for order and tries to find patterns, but also has a subconscious craving for disorder, which in turn carries over into musical taste. When you think about popular music the chorus, which is the constant pattern and order, is broken up and disrupted by the verses which is the disorder. if the chorus just kept repeating and repeating it would get boring. So you've got the pattern, now just keep it interesting with adding new instruments, taking out old ones, switching up the beat occasionally, maybe switch up the notes too. Good tune though. (By the way, I am no expert on this. Psychology or music. This is just something I've inferred over the years listening to and creating music and based on things I've read. I'm also still learning what sounds good.)


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              Sounds good. It sounds pretty chill and I really like the chord progressions. If I had to say one constructive comment it would be to either make a couple different variations to your drum beat or add a deeper bass sound for your baseline (I use FL and most of my baselines are either from 3XOSC or the sub bass presets from Sytrus). I'm no master, quite frankly you're better than I am.

              This is the last track I made. It's kind of a cheesy remix but. yeah...


              I like bass because of teh subw00fa.
              Also, if you do check mine out, could you return the criticism favor?
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                Improve your clarity as much as possible. Thanks for sharing here at


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                  Those piano chords are a little dissonant really. Whatever works for you though. Refreshing change


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                    I like the first one, I think if you work on that one a bit could turn into something really good!
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                      well done mate. sounds great for a first go! not sure if the beat was a generic one but I like the clap with the ecco or reverb effect, sounds good. nice choice of chords too. I like that they are not normal, using minor chords and flats can be risky but they sound good in this mix.

                      great job ! looking forward to more!
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                        Sounds good dude.. If you could give some of my stuff a listen as well it be great,
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