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Analog Synthesizers

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  • Analog Synthesizers

    I'm starting to get into old school music making and was wondering if anyone knew of any good synths that i could pick up for cheap and good for starters.
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    Analog Synthesizers

    Realistic mg1 is a rebranded moog made in the late 1970's.

    That for proper old school or a slim phatty can also be had for around $700
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      How much experience do you have, I never liked slim phatty's when I used it. It has a decent basic sound but I kind of found it boring, None of the complexity of the voyager, none of the character of the older synths(I thought similar thoughts about the Jup-6 too) I've been lucky enough to use a Model D once before and it's certainly a bit different...

      I've never really been of the opinion that hardware defines what music period things sound like they come from, there's nothing stopping you from making music that sounds old with gear released in 2012. If you really are starting from base one I'd recommend researching DAWS until you find one you like and getting some VST's, read all you can and go from there.

      All of this was made in the box entirely with software, I like to think it has somewhat of an old world feel about it.
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