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Any musicians?

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    Originally posted by tekkentool View Post
    ^ wicked. I wish I was much better at piano, ahaha. I've accepted performance will never really be my thing though.
    Hahah thanks man


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      I play guitar.


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        I play a bunch of different instruments but mainly focus on guitar now. Here's the very first cover vid I did that I put on YouTube!

        Funny enough, I started playing around with making covers with the vid I posted here.... no idea what I was doing video wise, just basically me screwing around late at night and recording it (complete with grungy sweatshirt and all that ). I uploaded on a whim, people seemed to like it, and so decided to try to do more.

        I also posted some guitar exercises to build up a catalog of stuff for students although now I'm having a lot of technical issues with all the mics and cameras so not posting new vids every week, but little by little.. between car, guitar, and work I don't have a lot of time / money to devote to videos.

        In perfect-world-land I'd love to try to do more. That's another reason why I like MCM vids: trying to get ideas for methods, shots, etc.!

        (Here's the YouTube channel I'm building up: EdoCura)


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          Originally posted by tekkentool View Post
          Not bad , though even transposed down it still sounds like it's in a bit of a difficult range for you. That bruno is a freak!
          Thanks mate! Yeah Bruno is a beast!
          Even transposed down my mate just bluffed something.. In the vid I'm singing bass and on beat box.. Low is no probs for me!


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            Violin since age 8, played in orchestra's and chamber groups through high school, piano, keyboards.
            Straight into electronic & computer based dance music after high school (in the late 80's and early 90's), and have written as a hobby ever since.
            Now producing progressive house/techo.
            Have a listen if you like progressive 4/4. The Youtube tracks are a bit older than the Soundcloud.

            Youtube channel.


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              I have been playing piano for around 16 years now, guitar for 8.

              I like me a bit of music, I play in a rock band and do session gigs all around the place.

              How does everybody go transporting their equipment?


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                Originally posted by Maaark View Post
                How does everybody go transporting their equipment?
                Much better now it's all software and one audio interface.
                Lugging a bunch of analog gear & 24 channel mixer was troublesome.


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                  Drummer for the last 7 years or so now.
                  Dum kit and american style Drum Corp (Tenors)

                  Join the MightyCarMods South Australia facebook group here.