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Any Karnivool fans here?

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  • Any Karnivool fans here?

    Hey guys.

    I'm a massive Karnivool fan. I heard Mauseum one day, and then went and bought Themata, which is an absolutely sick album, one of my favourite albums ever. Next thing I knew I had their first EP, Persona, and was lining up outside JB Hi-Fi to grab Sound Awake the day it came out. So I was really excited to hear their new album was going to be out this year, as I had been waiting a while for anything new from them (I think I was in year 8 or 9 when I bought Sound awake). Then when they released their first single 'The Refusal' I thought it was fairly average. And the screaming vocals were just so unlike Karnivool, it really made me disappointed. But, then they released 'We Are' not long ago and I absolutely loved it. So it was a decent start to the new album.

    But when I actually got it last week, after two listens it was one of the biggest let-downs I have ever had from any band ever. It was just all over the place in my opinion, and I believe they were trying to over-complicate it for art's sake rather than because that's what they really wanted to play. To be fair, there are some good songs on the album - We Are, Aeons, Sky Machine, Float and Alpha Omega are the only ones that I really could get into though (out of a 14 track disc).

    I am very open minded when it comes to music, I like to think I'm what I like to call a 'skilled/advanced' listener. But when a band changes their sound so drastically from their previously known and loved style, then I just start to ask why. I know they like to move in new directions, and I wasn't expecting an album repeat or whatever, but I was just majorly dissapointed.

    Any 'Vool listeners feeling the same way? Or even, any fans who absolutely love the new album?
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    I did use to be, but I kind of drifted away from that genre, I will agree with you though, Themata was pretty amazing and I did get to see them play it live when they came to Tas the year they released it! Roquefort was off tap! I may just have to check out their new stuff.
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