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Remix Request for Moog

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  • Remix Request for Moog

    When I saw the 350Z Reveal video, I instantly fell in love with the song "SPEED". Not just the rapping, but I loved how sinister the strings and piano were. It had a lo-fi sound of the hip hop I listen to, and I immediately bought it and listened to it again... and again and again. Now, I'm not a hip hop producer, I produce EDM (future bass, trap, dubstep, jersey club, whatever I'm feeling), and I feel like it needs some NOs added to it for extra torque.

    Every time I listened to this song, I kept hearing a possible remix in my head, something akin to Skrillex's remix of that Kendrick Lamar song "Humble". I'm not a big name by any means, I'm still just a student in college (or uni, I guess you guys would say). No, I don't have a large following, no I don't have a lot of music released, but I have a passion for music and audio that I bet will match you Moog. I'm a drummer of 16 years, turned producer 3 years ago. And ever since I learned how to produce electronic music, I've been fascinated with audio even more, learning sound design and creating every synth in every song I write from scratch.

    Moog, I would like to ask if I could remix your song "SPEED" with Mark Agustin. I would never distribute it for money or register it with a PRO, because honestly I wouldn't feel right doing that. I've always looked up to you as an inspiration, you were part of the reason I began producing. The most I'd do is post it on Soundcloud and play it when I DJ gigs, I don't care about making a cent off it. If you want to take a listen to what I've written, you can search "Sychokallas" on Soundcloud. I do my own mixing and mastering myself as well. I know I'm not the best out there and I still have a ways to go developing my sound, but I'm always hungry and always learning something new. I totally understand if you don't grant me permission because of copyright and licensing issues. And if that is the case, I will respect your decision.
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