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Car sounds in music?

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  • 244iso
    try this one if you are into trance, or at least do not mind it;
    plastic angel - the race

    it has samples from some formula racing
    the samples are not to be featured before 2:30.

    more annoying for sure is dj visage’s “formula”

    but the race by plastic angel takes me back 20 years, when i used to put my sleeping timer to 2 am’ish waiting for the autobahn to be completely free , hoping for top speeds in my s14 200sx.
    the track was the perfect soundtrack for this.
    also remembering the tank indicator needle beeing at a different position after the track was done, and fuel prices that made this madness possible

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  • brownie17
    Oh,yeah, I like to listen to music in the car, otherwise I fall asleep. The main thing is that the music should be positive and dynamic. I like movie soundtracks. Paul Newman and Hans Zimmer are my favourite music authors.So, I've had the paid-for Spotify for many years now. It's fantastic and worth every penny.
    It is virtually all I listen to in the car now (and I cover huge mileages for work these days). Besides, this site promotes my account on Spotify. And so, I already have followers of my podcast. I'm very happy about that.
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  • eTiMaGo
    Off the top of my head:
    Moog's own "Speed" has a whistling turbo in the background (might need headphones to hear it clearly) -
    Kazzer - Pedal to the Metal (the whole song is about cars, so...) -

    And someone already made a list:

    But my favorite, this specific version of the Gran Turismo "Anthem" song, Moon Over the Castle - I think it's from the intro, hence the screaming engines in the background, but they just complement the music and gives me shivers each time (from 02:00 onward)

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  • MHR1294
    Deliberate or not?

    If deliberate, then there's an obvious one to be found here but I guess that's just engine sound.

    The drums at the start of Hot for Teacher by Van Halen kinda sounds like a straight piped motorbike.
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  • Aart
    started a topic Car sounds in music?

    Car sounds in music?

    I was on spotify listening to a "class of '92" list and came across bobby brown's "humpin' around" (don't Judge me, the '90's were weird and awesome!) and i could swear there's a blow off valve sound allmost continuously in the background of that song:

    Anybody else hearing that? Or should i REALLY take a break from wrenching?

    Does anyone else know of a "car sound" (so not just engine sounds) being used in music?