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RB26 240Z REVEAL // FIRST DRIVE intro song

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  • RB26 240Z REVEAL // FIRST DRIVE intro song

    was curious if this was available? love the song.

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    I don't think so; there's actually a few backing tracks like that.
    I've suggested that Moog (who's fairly absent around here these days *sadface*) make a 'pay what you want' type donation pack on bandcamp or such for his backing tracks.

    But I'm going to make an educated guess here, and assume the reason there's been no follow up to that, is because MCM have been VERY happy to let people use their music in their own car videos, so long as they're non commercial (eg. enthusiast\fan use).

    If he was to release everything then suddenly his own brand has nothing unique; you could potentially see 50+ 'car channels' using his backing tracks.
    I'm sure you've already noticed TONS copy their style of yellow bold font, on top of relevant thumbnail?

    People have little respect for unique ideas.
    Not saying that's how YOU would use it, TONS of people just enjoy personal listening to ambient tracks such as that one; but I'm just saying the risk that others would, is very real.

    And I'm only guessing.